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Black n White Pinwheel Quilt

I've done my second custom order of big summer quilt. This one is 84" x 102". She asked for a black n white quilt for her son. So, since I love Pinwheel, I made this one for him. 

Done and delivered:

They were very happy with this one and the Pink and Lavender one. In the end, a happy customer is the biggest reward. They really made my day. 

More photos available in my Google + Album.

To see more about my quilt, visit my Facebook Page .

Thanks for stopping by...until then..

Happy Quilting


  1. love it...^^ and i like pinwheel as well

  2. Love your black and white quilt, Elvira! Your choice of fabrics, especially the polka-dotted ones, add so much interest!

  3. @Yenni: thank you ^^

    @Chumkie: Thanks alot Chumkie, coming from you it's a great compliment ^^.

  4. Beautifully done. Did you quilt this one yourself?

    1. Thank you..and yes I did quilt it my self. It's a lil tough on home sewing machine but it was a great experience :)


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