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36 Patch Fruity Orange Quilt

Yes, that's what I call this one. Its been a UFO for a year. I was hooked on Amanda Jean's blog with her easy to follow  QALs n then out of nowhere I decided to try this 36 patch QAL  . There was supposed to be a yellow blocks  too but I ran out of fabric so I just used these 2 colors.

It was fun to make...and to see I actually have the guts to piece all those blocks is still shock me even now...LOL. this is one of my first attemp on serious quilting. And the biggest so far. Do I sound proud?? Well..I do LOL..

So here are few pics of my Fruity Orange

Now, it's sitting pretty is my room waiting for the weather to get colder then I can snuggle up under this one ^^

oh and if you want to see how others are doing you can visit Crazy Mom's Quilt Flickr Page. It's just so inspiring to see what others are doing in Flickr ^^.

Until then...Happy Quilting


  1. This is one gorgeous quilt Elvira! And you have every right to be proud of it :)

  2. It's beautiful Elvira!
    I started that QAL too but had to stop midway coz we moved. Should pick it up again.

  3. @AJ: thanks Aliya:) and @Carol: can't wait to see yours :D

    @Yenni: Thank you ^_^


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