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Fabric Flower Tutorial from Flying Geese remnants

I hate to throw away even a lil bit if fabric scraps. Yesterday after making one star block, there are lots of remnants from the  flying geese blocks. So, here what I do.

  1. Pick up 5 or 6 triangles. Fold them and sew on the side.

  1. Turn around, poke to take out the corner as much as you can, and make a string of the new folded triangle by hand sewing it using a running stitch. One TIP: Leave around 1.5” of thread on the knot. Sew away until all 6 are strung nicely and evenly.

  1. The pull slowly and adjust the flower. Pull it tight and tie the thread nicely.

  1. Now, take out one button (I love the fabric cover button) and sew in place.

  1. At the back, take a small piece of felt, cut it round and glue in place and then attach the pin or hair pin, according to your fancy. more wasted fabric remnants ;)

Until then...Happy Sewing


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