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Handmade Friends

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

What's more satisfying than receiving handmade stuff made by your friends around the world? I'm the happiest person when I receive  a handmade gift, whether its a birthday present or a swap. And recently I received two of them.

Agnes from Smurfing Time has given these beautiful handmade stuffs on my birthday. Well, she really didn't tell me what she's been up to, regarding we chat or talk over the phone almost everyday. It came as a happy surprise to me..:). The tote bag came with a lil coin pouch which is too cute!!. I love the way she did the patchwork and hand quilting the bag. 

She used handwoven cotton for the black an white one. I remember we bought the fabric together in a madness of beautiful handwoven cotton fabric shop, Nalli, in Mumbai's Oberoi Mall..well, I certainly happy cos I didn't buy  this particular fabric (which I should have, actually -_-)

 and she made me this pretty wall hanging, which now beautifully gracing my wall :)

And the second one, I received this pretty Zipper Tote Bag  made by Enno from Hayano Handmade as our Friendly Swap . I simply love it. It such a pretty colour and the tote has pleats on it!!. The fabric is cute and it's soft. I love the polkadots lining makes the tote more cheerful. and the zipper will surely make my stuff safely tucked inside :)

don't you just love the ms. foxy fabric??

The dotty inside

New favorite tote

Now I have 2 favourite totes to carry around and no more paying plastic carry bag when I visited the mall.

Thanks a lot girls...

Until then


  1. thank you for the lovely post and that you like the handmade :) muaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

  2. :* aa senanganya mbak phiphi suka :)
    terimakasih postingan nya bikin senyum2 deh :)

    by the way selamat ulang tahun ya mbak phiphi :*

  3. banyak dan bagus-bagus hadiahnya, jadi pengen ultah lagi ...hahaha ... memang ultah mbak Phiphi kapan? Happy belated birthday, sorry I missed it!!! Ini ganti lagi ya mbak blognya, yg kemarin itu kok aku susah masukin komen ya ????


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