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India MQG April Challenge

"Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love"

Here's the rule of IMQG's April Challenge Your challenge is to use the colours of the IMQG logo to make a quilt block that reflects what modern quilting means to you. We encourage you to stretch yourself and plan an interesting composition that represents your own unique voice. (And if this looks suspiciously similar to the Quiltcon block challenge, IT IS.)

So I decided to make this friendship braid  mini quilt . Cos just like the braid of different color, IMQG members  come from different background and even countries. But then we have the same passion: Quilting. We share, learn and encourage each other.

You don't have to be perfect in your cutting, cos like they say "there's no mistake in cutting , there's only more  opportunity for creativity". Any tiny bits of fabrics remnants can be made into something beautiful, even as simple as these humble coasters

Just like Scott Adams said : "Creativity is allowing your self to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"

Until then....Happy Quilting

Quote of the day

"Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric"

I was clearing up my scrap after doing this quilt top and found another polkadots scrap from this one and finally come up with these blocks:

disappearing nine patch

Yup..disappearing nine patch. In the beginning I was thinking of making another table runner, but I'm badly want to make a pouches I made :)

quilted pouch

And I love how it turned out :)

Still have another blocks to sew into pouches..:) 

Until then...Happy Quilting

Finish the top

The progress of this one is a bit slow. I got distracted doing something else and kind of neglected this one. I love how it turn out. So Yesterday, I took it out from the cupboard, cut strips for the border and voila...

 can U spot the pinwheel?

I love the pinwheel in the middle. It's sort of hide n seek pinwheel. I've done the mini quilt with this design before. If you notice the border, I didn't do the usual, instead to stitch the white n red one first and than attach it to the quilt top. And I think I will use scrappy binding from the black and grey fabric. What do you think?

Handmade Friends

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

What's more satisfying than receiving handmade stuff made by your friends around the world? I'm the happiest person when I receive  a handmade gift, whether its a birthday present or a swap. And recently I received two of them.

Agnes from Smurfing Time has given these beautiful handmade stuffs on my birthday. Well, she really didn't tell me what she's been up to, regarding we chat or talk over the phone almost everyday. It came as a happy surprise to me..:). The tote bag came with a lil coin pouch which is too cute!!. I love the way she did the patchwork and hand quilting the bag. 

She used handwoven cotton for the black an white one. I remember we bought the fabric together in a madness of beautiful handwoven cotton fabric shop, Nalli, in Mumbai's Oberoi Mall..well, I certainly happy cos I didn't buy  this particular fabric (which I should have, actually -_-)

 and she made me this pretty wall hanging, which now beautifully gracing my wall :)

And the second one, I received this pretty Zipper Tote Bag  made by Enno from Hayano Handmade as our Friendly Swap . I simply love it. It such a pretty colour and the tote has pleats on it!!. The fabric is cute and it's soft. I love the polkadots lining makes the tote more cheerful. and the zipper will surely make my stuff safely tucked inside :)

don't you just love the ms. foxy fabric??

The dotty inside

New favorite tote

Now I have 2 favourite totes to carry around and no more paying plastic carry bag when I visited the mall.

Thanks a lot girls...

Until then

When I'm bored

These are pouches I made based on Japanese craft book. Since I didn't have linen fabric I used cotswool instead. Cotswool is nice to sew, esp. hand stitching. It's been a lot of fun doing these pouches:

I made these hexagon flowers sometime back and I didn't know what to do, so I made this pouch. Using the Japanese method, I hand sewn the zipper. It looks so "handmade" (u know what I mean..^_* )

I got several Japanese craft book, the crafts look so cute but it  really takes a lot of patience to do, since most of it are using hand stitch method, which I must admit is not very much my favourite -__-". But it's a good stress buster when I'm bored ^_*

Until then,

Collaboration Quilt

This quilt is made for our friend, wulan's daughter, Anisha. She's the most adorable miscivious 2 years old with her big brown eyes and her super cute pout:D

Agnes from Smurfing Time was doing all the applique. The idea was taken from Indonesian book. Unfortunately the book doesn't have actual size pattern, hence Agnes drew everything herself and then doing the appliques by hand. She used button hole stitches all over.

There you are the details, aren't they cute? I especially love the bees and the mushroom

I did the patchwork and quilting. I used flannel as a batting and did simple and straight hand quilting.
Btw, she didn't know she's going to receive's kind of secret :D. I hope she will like it ^__^
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March and April BOM for Vaani

The IMQG Facebook page  is buzzing with activities with more and more member everyday. Currently I join the BOM for Vanni, an NGO run by Brinda, a member of IMQG. We all will be making quilt and donate it to Vaani. Last month's BOM was simple pinwheel. And I made this simple 12" pinwheel block. 

the April BOM is flying geese. I played with 2 design which I got the tute from the net. (sorry I forgot the link, will update it later)

This is the first one:

and this is the second one:
star - flying geese

I love how the second one turn out. I'm using one tutorial which you waste to fabric in making the flying geese. 

I guess next time I better take step by step photos on how I do my block it'll make it easier and bookmark the tute link too...hmm

Until then..
Happy Quilting

Owllies the Pillow

Last month, I made this owl pillows which delight my sons and both of them are fighting of which one goes to which cars. Yeah even though they are boys but they like cute stuff too and I'll gladly take the blame for that 0_0. They get used to see their mama  making things.

The fabric is perfect for these owllies. It's bright and has a silvery dots all over. As for the beak, flap and feet I used a heavy flannel which I bought from Indonesia when I went home last time.

Aren't they cute??

A bit busy

A charming woman is a busy woman.
Loretta Young

March had been a busy months. I was busy with few custom orders, try to get my shop back to track again, preparing for my April's exhibition with a friend, the kids are having final exam, etsc, hence not much time to update the blog. However, all my sewing activities are (almost) regularly in my Facebook Page.  

Here are few things I've completed last month

This patchwork coaster is my entry for IMQG March Challenge. The rule was to use 2 FQ with one solid and one printed. 2 FQ will make 4 coaster (4"x 4"). and I WON the challenge...yay!!...

I made 2 of these table top. One I sent as a gift to my DH cousin. 

This drawstring bag I made based on tutorial my Ayumi of Pink Penguin. I made this as a gift for my son's teacher. 

This one also I made this table runner as a gift for my younger son's teacher. I used a matte golden fabric as border and love how it lit up the whole thing. 

There are few more things I've made during the month of March but I don't want to bore you with long post, instead please go and take a look at my Google + Album .

Thank you for dropping by
Happy Crafting 

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