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Retail Therapy

“I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix.” ― Rebecca BloomGirl Anatomy

Oh can really recharge you. I call it Retail Therapy. Only nowadays my shopping revolved around fabric and craft books. And what's more? shopping can be more exciting if you do it online. Though waiting for your parcel to arrive is as painful as queuing in the pediatrician chamber ^_^. 

Last month I sort of need a bit of recharge. I went to my favorite online shop for books Flipkart  and browse few crafts books and sign out with 3 patchwork books. I bought 2 Suzuko Koseki book because it's in English and has a basic lesson for Japanese style of patchwork. You know those one with tiny bit of fabrics and lots of hand sewing ^_*. It's nice book if you like something cute:)

The other one is Patchwork Comforters, Throws and Quilts. It's full of eye candy of Modern Quilts. Great Inspirations...

And from Flipkart, I hopped to Etsy and what started as window shopping, I ended up with this pretty Riley Blake fabrics. I wasn't so sure but I simply love the fabric. Aqua and red is such a fabulous combination. So after two days exchanging convos with the seller, I decided to go for it. I've never bought designer fabric it's kind of super exciting to actually got one ..LOL.

So, I now I'm thinking what I will do with this yummy fabrics..^_*

Until then...happy quilting

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