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Look what I got in the mail

Look !! Look!!...what I got in the mail today
I bought this from Etsy . I love all the cuteness in the book, I even tried making one pouch

 and diary cover for my self

I just can't wait to try one of the pattern...but meanwhile let me finish my maple first *wink wink*


  1. your works darl! the pouch and the agenda...ummm what an idea!

  2. is that the book you were talking about? I just know it is an interesting one and I bet you'll be even busier with sewing machine :)

  3. New book, new spirit, of course! Lovely work, Phi.

  4. Thanks Dian :) and Mbak Hany, yes that was the one's a bit crooked but I love it all the same. Agnes, thanks..:)


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