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the placemat story

Last week I was browsing youtube for free motion quilting and I tried on what suppose to be a placemat. I did the yellow flower quite sometimes back during those 'sewing-block' days..:D. It was just lying around so I decided to use it as a guinea pig ^__^.

It turned out quite....OK was bad...especially the back part :(. I was thinking I'll use it as a duster (eewww) and just toss it into my "on going project" bin.

Last night, I wasn't feeling very well, but I'm aching to sew something just to distract my self from my boredom. I saw this one and start cutting. I thought I will make a mug rug with it, but then who needs mug rug when I already got a pretty one from my friend?  So instead I decided to make a goggles case. The other half, I thought of  making the same goggle case, but after several tossing and turning, I decided to make simple mobile phone case..

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So, there you are...with one placemat you can make those things....what about you?

happy crafting ^_^

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