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Not Handmade by Me :-)

I marvel at the vibrant of Indian crafts which available a plenty in the market. I imagines it must have been handmade by some group of people somewhere from fabric scraps and they made it into beautiful vibrant crafts.

One of those are these pretty bags you can collect as many you as want since it's very very cheap. Yet, it's sturdy and lasting. I saw most of the rural people here where I live, used these handmade bags for their daily errands, going to college, etc.

These ones I shop for a dear friend in Indonesia who wants to open a shop and she wanted something Indian with bright colours. I still have more to shop *yay* and believe me I can spend hours in the market LOL..

Let me know if you want one too...:)

Past and current projects

I made these before I went for holiday. I used vintage Simplicity pattern. The pattern is easy to follow. I did a little change there. First I don't line the yoke. Since the pattern is one size bigger than my actual size so, I simply remove the opening at the back and made it without any opening which was work out fine because the neckline is quite broad for my big head *grin*

Besides, I made additional sleeves here. the original pattern has a ruffled sleeves, which I'm not very fond of.

and for the second one, I omitted the sleeves and it looks cuter *I guess*.

These two tops, is very comforable and roomy, esp during the hottest summer. I made a matching pj pants with the yellow one *sorry no photos*.

Meanwhile I managed to finish the pinwheel placemats (yay) took rather long to finish :(

and hopefully by the weekends I can start doing this collaboration project with my dear friend AGNES. She has done these pretty appliques and I will do the rest....And hopefully will be able to finish it within next month *fingers crossed*

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the placemat story

Last week I was browsing youtube for free motion quilting and I tried on what suppose to be a placemat. I did the yellow flower quite sometimes back during those 'sewing-block' days..:D. It was just lying around so I decided to use it as a guinea pig ^__^.

It turned out quite....OK was bad...especially the back part :(. I was thinking I'll use it as a duster (eewww) and just toss it into my "on going project" bin.

Last night, I wasn't feeling very well, but I'm aching to sew something just to distract my self from my boredom. I saw this one and start cutting. I thought I will make a mug rug with it, but then who needs mug rug when I already got a pretty one from my friend?  So instead I decided to make a goggles case. The other half, I thought of  making the same goggle case, but after several tossing and turning, I decided to make simple mobile phone case..

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So, there you are...with one placemat you can make those things....what about you?

happy crafting ^_^

Pinwheel placemat

This is the 1st of 6 mats I'm currently doing. The progress is very slow though..and now with the boys having Durga puja vacations, my sewing time will take another backseat.

I hope we can go for a mini holiday to Shillong and if we do, I am planning for fabric shopping spree ;-)

Oh, and my son's teacher was asking me if I will participate in diwali mela in the school. Well....I'm thinking of doing it.   Let's see....

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