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CRAFTando: The 3rd week of giveaway - 3. Woche von unseren Ge...

CRAFTando is  having giveaway every week for a month!!..what a fun way to celebrate her sewing journey. She gives away fabulous why not rush there and submit your entry?? ...I won one already...\^_^/
 This is what she gives away THIS WEEK:

and this is what I won last week (yay)

Good Luck folks...

Traditional Scarves/Stoles

These beauties are the famous handwoven stoles/scarves from Assam in North East India. From cotton, linen to Muga, pat and eri/endi silk which are world famous silk from Assam ( Most of them are in they natural color or dyed using natural dye.

These scarves I handpicked carefully from local weavers. They have the best texture and beautiful traditional designs. Simple yet elegant. If you'd like to purchase them, do contact me or you can visit my Shop cos they will be available there soon..:)

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Back from Holiday

Hello...I hope I dont miss much during my holidays. I really miss reading my blog rolls and admiring great crafts everyone is doing all around the world.

In short, the holidays are quite FUN and hectic. Though we went away for almost a month but the kids were sick for a week, and spent another week for recuperation since we already planned to go to Sumatra. Anyway, all's well that ends well, right? ^_^

I still haven't downloaded all the pics of our trip. Got busy with housework and the boys' school work plus my sewing projects and also Ramadan is on. So all the photos will have to wait ^_*. But, here are few that I love. These beautiful beaches and the durians...yummmmm...can't have enough of it:)

Sewing is always my stress buster, to release tension from too much housework and the hustle bustle of Indian household ^__*. Esp. after long holidays, and I feel like the dust in my house just won't go away and made me wondering my India has so much of dust..;).

I haven't told you about the mini quilt swap that I do with my friend in Indonesia. I made this simple one and hand embroidered it my self.

Mini quilt personal swap

I took it to Indonesia to send it to her and guess what?? it got LOST in the mail. I just can't believe my self, it's domestic shipping and they LOST it. I felt so terrible, since I got mine. She made this pretty pinwheel quilt using Balinese Batik.

Mini quilt swap I received

Thus, I decided to make another one for her. I got the idea from Love of Quilting Magazine. It's double nine patch. I had so much fun doing the tiny squares and just finished the quilt top last night. I hope she will like it ^_*

So, that's all this week....I'm glad to be back to my sewing machine...^_^

Happy Sewing
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