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Tutorial: banded scrub hat, chemo hat, hijab inner or whatever you call it -__*

UPDATED Version of this Post available HERE

I have been meaning to make this hat to wear with my hijab. I bought several hats made of Lycra (synthetic) but it's too slippery. I always prefer the cotton one, anyway. I used to make these hats back when I was in high school.

So, now I'd like to share the tutorial. it's simple and fast to make. So, here we go:

What you need:
1. One rectangular fabric 7" x 22"
2. One rectangular fabric 7" x 9" (you can make it longer if you like it a bit bouncy) - cut oval shape at one end
3. One strip of fabric 4" x 32" (this is what I use, you can make the band less/more broad though)
4. 1/4" elastic - 9"

How to do it:

1. Pin the small rectangular fabric to the big one (right side facing). Put the oval one in the middle of the big rectangular one. I usually pin the the middle, and both ends and adjust the in-between fabric accordingly. Otherwise you can baste the oval part a little bit for ease while maneuvering the middle one.

2.  Stitch all the way around and you'll get something like this:

3. make an elastic casing in the bottom part by folding inside around 1". Stitch.

4. Insert the elastic. When the elastic reach the end of the casing, stitch it in place and then continue inserting until it reach the other end and stitch it in place. You will get something like this.

5. Now fold & iron the band.Attach it to the other end of the hat beginning from the middle part. Pin all the way. Start by sewing from inside of one end of the hat. Turn the fabric around and sew it close from the end of the band, all the way to the other end.

6.'re done..:)

Link back if you use this tutorial..I'd love to see how your one turn out ...:)
I hope it's clear enough... if you have any questions simply TWEET me -__*.

Happy Sewing & have a lovely weekends


  1. Lovely... simple and chic as well...

  2. Awesome hat. My niece has a problem with hair loss. This would be a good pattern for her to wear. Thank you,

  3. Thanks so much I have been looking for a scrub hat pattern for awhile Thanks for sharing :)

  4. will try this for my daughter... she is so fussy with her inner

    1. Thanks for stopping by..let me know when you make one :)


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