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Summer Nightie from One Yard Wonder

I bought One Yard Wonder book few months back. And so far I have made one Folklore Bag and 2 Summer Nighties. I made this red one first and then showed it to my BFF...

she loved it and asked me to make one for her. This one is very cute and sexy and it's easy to make. The pattern is good and it's easy to follow. If you're lucky enough (no laundry to put out, no toddler to feed or demanding endless request) , it takes about 1 hour to make from scratch.

And I made a matching shorts to wear too. The short pattern I got it from one of my vintage pattern. I will write about it later with more photos & review. I hope my bff will like this ^__^

Happy Sewing
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  1. Really love the colors of your summer nigtie...When will I get time to smurf my own? ...

  2. Hi ! I love your Summer Nightie !!!!!!!! You did am amazing job ! I wish I could sew that good !! I was wondering when you'll be able to post pictures and a tutorial on it? :)

  3. @anothernight82: I got the pattern from One yard wonder book :) it's super easy to do it..thanks for dropping by


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