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The Little Dresses

I've been busy making few dresses last week. These are for my DH's cousins DD. She's a chubby cute 2 years old (well, almost). It was lots of fun making this little dresses. I still have few more to make but that can wait until I come back from the holidays...I'm too excited to sew now that I have 3 suitcases to pack (worst part of going for a holiday)

Happy Sewing -__*

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  1. ayo ayo dibeli...dibeli...sayang anak sayang anak, ngga ada anak ada ponakan...*sambil mukul2in serbet ke baju2*... Good job dear...I think you're ready to compete with Liliput wkwkwkwk...

  2. I love all of these, they're the cutest!

  3. @Agnes: hahaha...I guess I should start approaching Liliput :-)

    @Lara: Thanks a lot for dropping by..:)


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