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My Red and Blue

I've been shopping too many fabric and make very few projects. God, I wish I had more than 24 hours >.<. Sometimes I wish I had 10 hands like Goddess Durga, so that I can be more productive. Sometimes I wonder how those creative people can be so productive and create beautiful stuff. I guess I have to loosen up a bit. Let me tell you, I have this 'bad' habit, every morning unless my house is cleaned (swept, mopped, dusted) properly I can't have my bath. I knowwww...but this is INDIA...dust is part of your daily life..lol. And no..no vacuum for me, it has to be wet mopping. So by the time, I finished with house cleaning routine it's almost 11 am... Anyway, enough rambling....I guess I have to start live up to what my fridge magnet said "Both of us can't look good, it's either me or my house" lol... So, on one of those days when I decided not too bother so much about the dust, I can actually a bit productive...and here's what I made..

Not so bad I guess....what do you think? Actually I was supposed to make placemats with these blue & red fabric, but then when I started, I decided making something else. And I'm quite happy with it...I mean, I don't need placemats anyway...:)

Now I'm eager to go back to my janome and..let's see what I will end up making....

Thanks for dropping by....Happy Crafting ^_^
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