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Hello 2011

Helloo.....this is my first post in 2011 and one of my resolution this year is MORE SEWING and less Facebook-ing....LOL..And another resolution is to learn Photography. I've been learning from the net since last month and I think I did improve abit. Please visit my photos at my Flickr album and let me know what you think...

OK, so this is my first project..Folklore Bag from One Yard Wonders. I made this as a birthday preset for my dear friend, Agnes.

So, here it is...with Longer handle than the original pattern

and zipper closure instead of magnetic snap. Finally I made it. I was really want to try zipper and after one technical error finally I did it...YAY!

This is the inside pocket....the bag is roomy enough to carry your necessities even water bottle :). It's just perfect size.

Side View. I use this interface. It gives a good & smooth finish, eventhough stitching is it a bit painful ...LOL. I mean it's not iron-on so I sort of got to hang on to it while stitching. Well, I can always stay-stitch it but just tooo lazy to do all those....Especially when attaching the zipper, handle & bag. Finally I did handstitching first then I did the machine...but all in all, I'm quite happy with how it turned out...I hope she will too...*fingerscrossed*

Thanks for dropping by....happy crafting ^_^
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  1. great job mbak Vi..*ngiler sambil bawa baskom *

  2. Such a lovely bag! I like the fabrics, and all the nice features you included. Well done.

  3. @Dheeny: thank you

    @Chris: thank you..:) I still have a little bit of the fabric and thinking of more stuff with it:)

  4. Ini batik India ya mbak? Pretty and very well done!!!

  5. @Mbak Hany: ini block print gitu mbak..:) Thank you:)


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