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christmas gift

I made these 2 christmas stockings for my friend Agnes. it was a little hurried. In the beginning I thought of making patchwork stockings but I did't get much time. I hope those could cheer her up a bit since she celebrated it away from her family. I'm sorry if it arrived a bit late, Agnes..U know the story..ha ha..Next year must make it a lil early and hopefully can make for my other friends too...:)
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My affair with Felt

I made these specs covers last week.  It's easy peasy one. I made it while I'm browsing the net :) Added a bit of embroidery, buttons or applique flowers and voila..3 cute fetl specs covers. Inside I put thick flannel win cheery yellow. I hope I can list these sooner in the SHOP

Cushion Parade

I was cleaning my fabric stash and found a heap of 1/2 meter fabrics. I love shopping  fabric scraps ..well..scratch that..I love fabric shopping. Any day!!

And what a better way to dispose all these pretty fabrics than turn them into simple cushion covers. I still have few piles to make. I used casement fabric for the back and it's envelope closure..:)
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the cupcake story

I'm not very lucky when it comes to baking a cake. somehow the consistency is never right. so far I only succeeded in baking brownies and caramel cakes.
I have been wanted to have blueberry cupcake for sometimes, and one day I was chatting with my childhood friend in my blackberry and we talked about cooking and baking. i visited her blog and there it is the blueberry cupcake with the recipes. so for the last 2 days I have been baking cupcakes and it turned out soo yummy...

Not Handmade by Me :-)

I marvel at the vibrant of Indian crafts which available a plenty in the market. I imagines it must have been handmade by some group of people somewhere from fabric scraps and they made it into beautiful vibrant crafts.

One of those are these pretty bags you can collect as many you as want since it's very very cheap. Yet, it's sturdy and lasting. I saw most of the rural people here where I live, used these handmade bags for their daily errands, going to college, etc.

These ones I shop for a dear friend in Indonesia who wants to open a shop and she wanted something Indian with bright colours. I still have more to shop *yay* and believe me I can spend hours in the market LOL..

Let me know if you want one too...:)

Past and current projects

I made these before I went for holiday. I used vintage Simplicity pattern. The pattern is easy to follow. I did a little change there. First I don't line the yoke. Since the pattern is one size bigger than my actual size so, I simply remove the opening at the back and made it without any opening which was work out fine because the neckline is quite broad for my big head *grin*

Besides, I made additional sleeves here. the original pattern has a ruffled sleeves, which I'm not very fond of.

and for the second one, I omitted the sleeves and it looks cuter *I guess*.

These two tops, is very comforable and roomy, esp during the hottest summer. I made a matching pj pants with the yellow one *sorry no photos*.

Meanwhile I managed to finish the pinwheel placemats (yay) took rather long to finish :(

and hopefully by the weekends I can start doing this collaboration project with my dear friend AGNES. She has done these pretty appliques and I will do the rest....And hopefully will be able to finish it within next month *fingers crossed*

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the placemat story

Last week I was browsing youtube for free motion quilting and I tried on what suppose to be a placemat. I did the yellow flower quite sometimes back during those 'sewing-block' days..:D. It was just lying around so I decided to use it as a guinea pig ^__^.

It turned out quite....OK was bad...especially the back part :(. I was thinking I'll use it as a duster (eewww) and just toss it into my "on going project" bin.

Last night, I wasn't feeling very well, but I'm aching to sew something just to distract my self from my boredom. I saw this one and start cutting. I thought I will make a mug rug with it, but then who needs mug rug when I already got a pretty one from my friend?  So instead I decided to make a goggles case. The other half, I thought of  making the same goggle case, but after several tossing and turning, I decided to make simple mobile phone case..

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So, there you are...with one placemat you can make those things....what about you?

happy crafting ^_^

Pinwheel placemat

This is the 1st of 6 mats I'm currently doing. The progress is very slow though..and now with the boys having Durga puja vacations, my sewing time will take another backseat.

I hope we can go for a mini holiday to Shillong and if we do, I am planning for fabric shopping spree ;-)

Oh, and my son's teacher was asking me if I will participate in diwali mela in the school. Well....I'm thinking of doing it.   Let's see....

One project too many

I'm the kind of person who likes doing several projects together. I get bored easily if I just doing one project at a time. I know this is very bad, cos then I'll have a lot of unfinished projects. Oh yeah I still do.

I'm currently working on my first big quilt project. I enrolled my self to Amanda Jean's 36 patch Quilt-a Long. Yes, I'm still doing it now.

36 QAL in progress

And in between, I saw this nice quilt called "double nine patch" in a magazine and thought of doing a mini one. And guess what I did it!! *big green*. 

double nine patch mini quilt


Then there are left overs patch from both the QAL and the mini quilt and I made these place mats:

table topper/placemat


And then, I decided to try the Ohio Star patchwork. So I picked up few fabrics and starts working on it and there it is the table runner.

ohio star table runner

for this one I used flannel as a batting which is much better than using thin foam which I used in the mini quilt. I should've known better. Anyway, I'm quite happy with these little projects that I've done, tomorrow it's time to get back to the QAL ^_^..

Until then....happy crafting ^__^

Traditional Scarves/Stoles

These beauties are the famous handwoven stoles/scarves from Assam in North East India. From cotton, linen to Muga, pat and eri/endi silk which are world famous silk from Assam ( Most of them are in they natural color or dyed using natural dye.

These scarves I handpicked carefully from local weavers. They have the best texture and beautiful traditional designs. Simple yet elegant. If you'd like to purchase them, do contact me or you can visit my Shop cos they will be available there soon..:)

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Back from Holiday

Hello...I hope I don't miss much during my holidays. I really miss reading my blog rolls and admiring the great crafts everyone is doing all around the world.

In short, the holidays are quite FUN and hectic. Though we went away for almost a month, the kids were sick for a week and spent another week for recuperation since we already planned to go to Sumatra. Anyway, all's well that ends well, right? ^_^

I still haven't downloaded all the pics of our trip. Got busy with housework and the boys' school work plus my sewing projects and also Ramadan is on. So all the photos will have to wait  ^_*. But, here are a few that I love. These beautiful beaches and the durians...yummmmm...can't have enough of it:)

Sewing is always my stress buster, to release tension from too much housework and the hustle-bustle of Indian household ^__*. Esp. after long holidays, and I feel like the dust in my house just won't go away and made me wondering my India has so much dust..;).

I haven't told you about the mini quilt swap that I do with my friend in Indonesia. I made this simple one and hand-embroidered it my self.

Mini quilt personal swap

I took it to Indonesia to send it to her and guess what?? it got LOST in the mail. I just can't believe my self, it's domestic shipping and they LOST it. I felt so terrible since I got mine. She made this pretty pinwheel quilt using Balinese Batik.

Mini quilt swap I received

Thus, I decided to make another one for her. I got the idea from Love of Quilting Magazine. It's a double nine patch. I had so much fun doing the tiny squares and just finished the quilt top last night. I hope she will like it ^_*

So, that's all this week....I'm glad to be back to my sewing machine...^_^

Happy Sewing


Summer Nightie from One Yard Wonder

I bought One Yard Wonder book few months back. And so far I have made one Folklore Bag and 2 Summer Nighties. I made this red one first and then showed it to my BFF...

she loved it and asked me to make one for her. This one is very cute and sexy and it's easy to make. The pattern is good and it's easy to follow. If you're lucky enough (no laundry to put out, no toddler to feed or demanding endless request) , it takes about 1 hour to make from scratch.

And I made a matching shorts to wear too. The short pattern I got it from one of my vintage pattern. I will write about it later with more photos & review. I hope my bff will like this ^__^

Happy Sewing
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The Little Dresses

I've been busy making few dresses last week. These are for my DH's cousins DD. She's a chubby cute 2 years old (well, almost). It was lots of fun making this little dresses. I still have few more to make but that can wait until I come back from the holidays...I'm too excited to sew now that I have 3 suitcases to pack (worst part of going for a holiday)

Happy Sewing -__*

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Fabric Flowers

After 2 weeks of making little dresses, yesterday I was browsing the net and found lovely Tutorial on Fabric Flowers. Laurie of Tip Junkie collected few tutorials from across the blogsphere to share with us freely. Thanks a lot Laurie.
There are several fabric flowers tutorial but Multi Petal Flower   from  Sew Ritzy Titzy  I love the most.

If you like ruffled flower, you can try Sew Serendipity's summer flower. I'm yet to try that one. But I'm surely will give it a try. it looks so pretty & better than yoyo...ehm..I love yo yo flower simply because it's easy and fast to make, since I'm always in a hurry :-).

Sew Serendipity's Summer flower

Until then....Happy Sewing ^__*

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