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Trial from Wee Wonderfuls

Just a quick post of few things I have done recently. In my previous post I told you about the Wee Wonderfuls book that I recently bought. My son happened to see it and immediately wanted me to make the inchworm. When I showed my son, he was very happy and said 'Thank you mama, you're great'..I was like 'wow'!! hehehehhee

I didn't have black button for the eyes, as a replacement I used 'bindi' (a small dot worn on the forehead by women in India). It's a 'stick-on' type of bindi and made of felt ^_^....

Here it is..the image from the book and the one that I made. The book is very useful with clear step by step photos, clear written instructions and ready to use patterns. This is what I like best...I mean, I hate to resize patterns!!

So there she is again.....
Now, I'm setting out to make few more for my younger son and my dear friend

Happy Crafting


  1. hihihih....hello cacing (cacing = worm in Indonesian language) it cacing or caterpillar? heheheh...loving it...I believe you're now getting crazy to try all the 24 tutes on that book ;) Can I have one doll for me wkwkwkwk...nice job sista :)

  2.'re great!!!
    Cute worm :)


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