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The Sky

I love watching the sky from my porch. Especially during the monsoon season and at sun set. The sky sometimes bright blue and suddenly black cloud appear as if  ready to grab you. These photos I took in August 2010.  More photos are in my FLICKR

 This is the West View. I can see the sun flickr behind the dark cloud like a promise of good day.

This is the South View...where the sky is still blue and scattered white clouds. The birds are rushing home.

Happy Crafting ^_^


  1. yuhuuu...wanna sing for you
    Too much books will kill you
    If you can't make up your mind
    Torn between the books And the book you leave behind ~ Queen ~
    hahahahah...jealous mode on...nice books dear...

  2. ohh Noooo...I put the comment at the wrong post :D but you know exactly where it belongs :D sorryyy...Internet is so slow made me jump around without checking :(


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