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The Dolls Story

I made all these dolls out of curiosity. Saw the pattern in the Japanese book and decided to make one for my DH's cousins DD. I used casement fabric. It turned out quite cute..don't you think? I hope the little Z likes it...(off the record: according to her mom, she's a bit tomboyish out going little girl who speaks multi lingual - Hindi, English & Assamese...well yes, she's definitely adorable^_^ ) 

Catty...the Japanese ..^_^

And these matroyshka dolls I made based on Tutorial by's Ali from SnipSnapHappy
Instead of using Felt I'm using fabric. It's a bit tricky when doing the face part but it gets easier later..believe me. As you can see, the red ones the raw edges are obvious and the pink one it's smoother. I used buttonhole stitch in the pink one and I put fusible web to make it stiffer and to avoid fraying.

Now they belong to one Amercian girl who came to visit us on Eid :)

I will surely make again. Now my sons want one dinosaurs doll which they see in my new books. Will blog about the books later...^_^

Cheers and Happy Crafting

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