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The Gift

The Set

I finished making x-mas gift for my friend today. I wish I could make more and send to as many friends as I could. Though I don't celebrate x-mas, but it's always a pleasure to make x-mas gift for my friends. Well, I usually send cards but this time I decided I'll make a proper handmade x-mas gifts so this particular friend of mine can celebrate x-mas properly ^_*

I made X-mas tree decorations (I hope she buys one already) or otherwise she can hang them on her wall..

Xmas hanging

She loves Korean/Japanese craft, so I thought these simple embroideries will delight her....if I can be a bit narcissistic here, I love the Santa plush. It's really cute.

Xmas Star & Santa

I used chain stitch and buttonhole stitch for the 'belt'. The only drawback was I didn't have x-mas green embroidery floss and I didn't get the time to go to the shop & get one...

Anyway, I hope she likes them...and I hope they can cheer her up a bit...:D

The Santa Embroidery is now available in PDF in my SCRIBD.

Merry Christmas & Joyful New Year everyone....

DIY Labels

I got this Iron-on Transfer paper which I always wanted to have from my BIL in Indonesia. I've been wanting to try the fabric label like I saw in Patchwork Pottery's Tutorial few months back. Finally, yesterday I got the chance to try it after my DH bought me a canon pixma ink jet printer...Thank you so much, dear..:). The printer worked wonderfully. In fact, I tried both using my friend, Agnes' design and I tried the plain letter one.
 I love the colored ones (though I should have made it bigger). It turned out very clear and I iron it on a plain  cotton fabric and know what..after I cut it, the fabric don't fray...yay!!!..

Second one, I used the plain letters "chez vies" and I iron it on  grosgrain ribbon. The mistake I made here is I cut the strips too narrow. Well the letter perfectly fit in the middle part of the ribbon but I should have cut it about 1' wide. Lesson learnt!

Another lesson I learn is that while ironing, DO NOT move your iron (like when you're ironing). Just press it firmly on the design. Otherwise it will smudge.


Now let's get down making something and start using those labels...:)

Happy Crafting

Trial from Wee Wonderfuls

Just a quick post of few things I have done recently. In my previous post I told you about the Wee Wonderfuls book that I recently bought. My son happened to see it and immediately wanted me to make the inchworm. When I showed my son, he was very happy and said 'Thank you mama, you're great'..I was like 'wow'!! hehehehhee

I didn't have black button for the eyes, as a replacement I used 'bindi' (a small dot worn on the forehead by women in India). It's a 'stick-on' type of bindi and made of felt ^_^....

Here it is..the image from the book and the one that I made. The book is very useful with clear step by step photos, clear written instructions and ready to use patterns. This is what I like best...I mean, I hate to resize patterns!!

So there she is again.....
Now, I'm setting out to make few more for my younger son and my dear friend

Happy Crafting

The Sky

I love watching the sky from my porch. Especially during the monsoon season and at sun set. The sky sometimes bright blue and suddenly black cloud appear as if  ready to grab you. These photos I took in August 2010.  More photos are in my FLICKR

 This is the West View. I can see the sun flickr behind the dark cloud like a promise of good day.

This is the South View...where the sky is still blue and scattered white clouds. The birds are rushing home.

Happy Crafting ^_^

Chai Time

I love sipping a steaming hot chai in the cold winter afternoon. With my fave Indian sweets. This is what I have today: A cup of Indian Chai, Dil Kush (happy heart) sweet and Fruit Cake..yummm...

Today is one of those gloomy days when the sun just refused to shine. But that didn't dither my boy from riding his cycle. While watching him, I'm doing some hand-sewing work which is progressing very SLOW...:(. Gotta finish those quickly...

oh and I want to show you my newest books. There is this fab online store here in India which selling all books (Indian or Foreign) at a very reasonable price - FLIPKART - and free shipping too. I've been several time buying books from them but this is the first time I bought  foreign publication books. I always wanted to buy that ONE WONDER YARDS....though most of the stuff is available online but you know I still love flipping through books or magazines instead of staring at my laptop :D. And the second one is is WEE WONDERFULS....don't they make cutest dolls??? Will definitely try making them. Plus 2 books on SUNBONNET SUE ...they are simply wonderful!!!...
And one FELT CRAFT  book from Indonesian crafter which I bought from Indonesia (I wrote about it in my Prev. Post)

I still have few books in my list ^_^

Happy Crafting

Bakram or Interface

Last month I bought this cotton interface. It's fabric-y type and it's the one used to interface man's coat.

We don't have fancy craft supply store here. My supply store is referred by everyone as 'butam dukan' or button shop. The shop keeps everything you  need for crafting, ONLY you have to know the INDIAN terms for it  ^_^. Such as Bakram for Interface, Pasting for fusible interface, huta for thread, etc.

Today finally I got time to try using it...and I LOVE it. It gives a soft yet sturdy finish to the pouch. And cushy too...and most of all, it's easy on my sewing machine n easy to turn the fabric.

 Outer Fabric is Indian Block Print Cotton and the inner fabric is white with blue polkadots (will upload the inner photo later :-D )

what do you think?

If you need the similar fabric it's available at INDYACRAFTS.

Thanks for dropping by & Happy Crafting ^_^

OOAK Pillow Covers

I have this pin-tuck cotton fabric for sometimes and always wondering what will I do with it. Now it turned out to be a very pretty pillow covers. The fabric is just enough for 2 simple pillows with envelope style closure. No Zipper no Velcro :). What do you think?

These pillows are now available at CHEZVIES. Be sure you check them out before they're gone ^_^

Happy Crafting

From The Holiday

I came back from Indonesia over a month back and I got some exciting experience this time. 

#1. I met an Indonesian Crafter, Dini. She lives in my hometown in Malang - East Java. It was through FB that we became familiar with each other. So, one day she told me she'd come and visit me. I was all excited.

She gave me her lovely crocheted bookmarks. They are so beautiful that I don't think I will be able to use it without spoiling it. Thanks a lot Dini...we should meet again next time..

Aren't they lovely? *_*

# 2.  I met another Indonesian crafter who is very talented, Eka Yunita. I know her from Facebook and have been (secretly) admiring her works. She's into Felt Crafts and Applique/Patchwork and Quilting. All her quilts are hand-quilted. She's teaching Crafts in few places I guess. For more information you can visit her BLOG.

the bottom right one is my favorite. It's depiction of Indonesian wayang (puppet). All the detail works are so fabulous. 

She published few craft books in Indonesia too and I bought one (before I met her). I found her shop quite coincident. I was roaming around the mall near the hotel, looking for a craft supply shop and when I saw her shop I was very thrilled. I asked the girl who sat there, and she told me the shop belong to Eka Yunita. I was so excited cos I want to buy the quilting stuff and I'd love to meet her in person. We met the following Tuesday. I thought of going to visit her again but somehow it didn't work out. Hopefully, we'll meet again next time...^_^

# 3.  I got a bunch of other crafts supplies, buttons and ribbons, and few fabrics too. I admit I have huge collections of fabric and some of them are available at the SHOP. My friend, Agnes, said I'm crazy...well, what can a girl do when those lovely prints fabrics screaming at her?? You know what I mean??
This is how my cupboard looks like after I rolled (wrapped) them into a cardboard. I should've done this before. I got the cardboards from my regular shop, they're selling fabric from trousers/suit. It's quite long (30") so, I cut them into 2 and wrap my fabric neatly. I must get few more next week. 

So, that's it. Now I better get back to work :). Thanks for stopping by...
Happy Crafting

The Dolls Story

I made all these dolls out of curiosity. Saw the pattern in the Japanese book and decided to make one for my DH's cousins DD. I used casement fabric. It turned out quite cute..don't you think? I hope the little Z likes it...(off the record: according to her mom, she's a bit tomboyish out going little girl who speaks multi lingual - Hindi, English & Assamese...well yes, she's definitely adorable^_^ ) 

Catty...the Japanese ..^_^

And these matroyshka dolls I made based on Tutorial by's Ali from SnipSnapHappy
Instead of using Felt I'm using fabric. It's a bit tricky when doing the face part but it gets easier later..believe me. As you can see, the red ones the raw edges are obvious and the pink one it's smoother. I used buttonhole stitch in the pink one and I put fusible web to make it stiffer and to avoid fraying.

Now they belong to one Amercian girl who came to visit us on Eid :)

I will surely make again. Now my sons want one dinosaurs doll which they see in my new books. Will blog about the books later...^_^

Cheers and Happy Crafting

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