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Tutorial: Placemats in a Jiffy

My sons badly need a new set of placemats. I want something in dark and bright color plus easy to wash & dry. So I rummaged through my fabric stash and found this dark blue fabric with cartoon character and I took out my fave red gingham. The red gingham is cotton Ssnthetic mix and the blue one is pure cotton.

and here's how I made it:

1. Cut the Main (Blue) fabric as desired.  Mine is: 17" x 14"
 Cut the backing fabric (red gingham)  approx. 1 " more of the main fabric (on all sides) => 19" x 16"

2. Place the main fabric on the backing (wrong sides facing) and fold in the remaining inches. Pin all around.

3. Sew sew sew...zzzggggzzggg...

4. Voila you're done...

Now your lil one can have one or two of her/his favorite cartoon too...^_^

Have a great CRAFTY weekends

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