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WIP Wednesday: Hour Glass Table Runner

I hate to unpick stitches:(. This orange squares have gone through a lot. I love the fabric and wanted to make table runner. First I just put the squares together and put a solid white in the middle, but it didn't look good. And since i hate unpicking it, I thought of doing some applique works on the solid or some hand embroidery. Again it was not good.

So I decided to unpick (yay) n make hour glass squares instead. N been playing with layout ideas the whole afternoon. Can't wait to finish it.


 This is what's I've done so far. The backing fabric is from one if my Tunic.

Happy Crafting everyone..:)


  1. What a sweet table runner! I hate having to rip seams too. It seems like SO much work.

  2. thank you. Yup, it took me 6 months! (X_X) to make the

  3. Very beautiful,
    your colours selection appreciate me.

  4. Lovely and nice....i like the way you combine the colors...Bravo!

    Happy Crafting..


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