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Hour Glass Table Runner

Yup, it’s done. Yesterday I just couldn’t stop my self to finish it.  I settled for burnt orange backing and I used thin foam as a batting (still no luck with the batting, the company I wrote to only take bulk orders ). For the binding, I was thinking of a lime green fabric, but I didn’t have it in stock and I went for the 2nd best, the green polkadots. I guess it’s not look bad..don’t you think?

               hour glass-4               

 hour glass-5

I pieced the squares using my DIY Quilting Rulers. Well, I must say I’m quite happy with it. I guess I will make a bigger one:). 
This one I quilted by machine. I was thinking of doing free motion but not sure how will I do it since I don’t have a proper shoe for that. I think I will do small quilt (maybe a pot holder?) and will use it as a practice piece for my free motion.
hour glass-3    

  hour glass-2

I ‘found’ this nice corner in my SIL’s drawing room where it has a perfect lighting in the afternoon

Now, I already thinking of another runner project to try, but I got to finish few custom orders and I saw  SKIRT WEEK at Crafterhours. I don’t know whether I will be able to make one but I really  want to try. As it is I got several fabrics which I thought I’ll make skirts. PLUS…check out the PRIZES…..Hmmm…let’s see….

Until then……happy crafting


  1. I love that table's really lovely. You chose some great fabrics!

  2. The table runner really brighten the room, love the color! I've visit your etsy store...many adorable things there:)

  3. @Patchworkpalace: thank made lovely quilts too:)

    @Henny: thanks alot:)


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