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Blue Knotted Dress and everything else

I've been a bit busy recently. Not so much of sewing though. I still have the Red zig zag runner to finish. However I was so excited with my new toy..Olfa rotary cutter which I finally bought from Yvette at Etsy. She's so nice to double wrap it without any additional charge.

I found this nice blog of Crafty Gemini where she gives video tutorial on sewing. Recently Vanessa started a Black & White Quilt A Long . I'm going to participate (yay!), since I've been wanting to make quilt for my sons. I hope I can finish it. It's going to be my first big quilt. So here what I've got:

And one more thing, I made this knotted dress for my friend's niece. Got the fabric from one of my regular shop. It's the last 1.5 yards fabric. I love the color, it's perfect for summer. I was thinking of yellow solid for the strap but I didn't have it in stock so I went ahead with the blue one instead.

 End of this week, my sons mid term assessment will start, so all the sewing craft related will be put on the back seat for awhile...until then...Happy Crafting


  1. huhuhuh...all the things you've posted above make me envious :( especially the rotary cutter hahahah
    Good luck for your black&white project...what a good fabric print combination :)

    Thanks a bunch in advance for the beautiful blue flowery summer dress, promise to take her picture wearing it asap I reach home.

  2. That dress is SO sweet. If my daughter didn't already have a closet FULL of dresses, I'd make her one like that. I've been dying to do something in blue and yellow. It just screams summer day :)

  3. Thanks so much for blogging about me and my quilt along! I am so glad you are following along! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or have trouble with any of the blocks! HAPPY QUILTING!

  4. @Agnes: I'm gonna miss you hee hee..and don't forget to have those yummies for both of us too..:P.

  5. @Alyssa: Thank you..yea, my friend's niece lives in tropical Indonesia so the dress will be perfect for her:)

  6. @Vanessa: Thank you for sharing the great tutorial. I'm starting with my block #1 today:).


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