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What I've been up to

yeah...what I've been up to? Well..nothing so exciting actually. I told you I slammed my thumb in the car's door when I went to the capital. And somehow it was so badly slammed, after a week of throbbing pain, it turned absolutely black and after a month (now) the new one started to come out and pushing the damaged one out The bad news is the other side of the nail is still sticking there stubbornly so I just cut off the one which already dangling. Now my thumb looks sooooo U*G*L*Y...but then I'm free from bandages and can work normally or so to say.

And as usual internet connection is always the constant problem. During these pre  monsoon months we experienced lots of rain and storm, which of course - as expected - in turn the phone cable got tangled or I dunno somewhere and my connection just went DEAD. I have to depend on my DH's mercy...yup, he got one of those mobile modem. So practically I got 2-3 hours a day to spend on the net. Which is NOT enough...LOL..what with that Facebook ing and (virtual) farming..:)).

Anyway, it's blessing in disguise in a way..cos I can get few sewing done. Few dresses for lil ones, few custom order tunics/dresses, and will now start some patchwork projects with those fabric remnants from the dresses. Some of them will be available in my SHOP

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  1. Your poor thumb!! That really looks painful!
    The tops are wonderful :) I wish I had a daughter to sew for.

  2. Thanks Audrey..I wish the same, hence now I'm making dresses for friends & relatives ..:D


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