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Mother's Day

It’s a bit late to post but I haven’t got time to write this earlier. Last Friday, both my sons told me that they got a surprise for me and said “but Miss said to give it to you on Sunday”.  As a good encouraging Mom, I gasped and said “’m curious now”. They laughed away and insisted only to show me on Sunday and told me not to peek they school bag (Well, actually I saw it while I was checking their school diaries).  The next day, they couldn’t keep the ‘little secret’ much longer, they came to me and showed me the handmade cards they made in school for mother’s day occasion and told me “This is the secret but I will only give it to you tomorrow, ok”. I stifled a laugh and  said “Wow, beautiful cards darling…thank you” J
And here’s what they gave me (on Sunday) with a kiss and “Happy Mother’s Day” chorus:

I went through my elder son’s school work sheet and there’s this sentences explaining about MOTHER and FATHER. It went something like this:
Father works hard and earns for the family.
Father buys stuff for the whole family
Mother looks after the house and takes care of the children
Mother cooks good and tasty food for the family.

And there’s one line said “Sometimes mother works to earn for the family too”.
I think who ever wrote those forgot that we live in the 21st century now where women are equally capable (if not more) than men. In the sense that a working MOM works twice harder, since she has to do the looking after of the house, husband, kids, in-laws, etc.  Well, maybe from the (India) traditional point of view, that is true, since lots of people I meet still thinking along those line. But isn’t it time now to ‘introduce’ a different approach of teaching these young minds the concept of FATHER and MOTHER?

I read this interesting story in Mother and Baby magazine by Baisali Chatterjee, about how she pined for a daughter and instead she got only boys.  She wrote something interesting, quoted from the article:
“We keep bemoaning the fact that while the previous generation, especially our Moms, did a great job in bringing us girls up, they forgot to erase the “God complex” from the little boys’ minds. So, while they raised us, their daughters, to believe that we were no less than men and could scale the highest mount and swim the deepest seas..they forgot to impart that bit of wisdom to their sons. Suddenly a whole generation of men was left unable to cope with these strong-willed, free spirited, independence-happy, beautiful brilliant women, who were breaking down the walls, scaling corporate ladders and achieving many firsts. These men were left feeling  defenseless  that their arcane methods of “taming the shrew” would no long no longer hold them in a good stead. So, while our moms were teaching us to be the best that we could possibly be, they neglected to share this new bit of philosophy with our brothers”
“Of course I will teach my boys karate and kick boxing. But I’ll also teach them the art of whipping up a perfect Irish Cream Souffle. I’ll endures hours of Bruce Lee’s and spaghetti westerns, but by Georgina, I’m gonna teach them how to sit through a chick flick. When they tell a girl they’re going to call, they better mean it. If a female of the  species beats their pants off in the game of chess or even of one-on-one basket ball, they should know that it’s a TALENT to be ADMIRED and NOT an effort to be patronizingly, dismissively praised. They have to learn that news of their sweeties’ success should be met, not with condescending pats on the back BUT with heartfelt roars of approval, a bottle of well-deserved bubbly and a toast for her future triumphs”

I couldn’t agree more.  I have 2 boys myself and it seems I have lots of work to do if the school work sheet is anything to go by. ^_^

And this is what I made on Mother's Day....I know it's not much LOL but everyone enjoyed the pan crust


  1. wowwwww...what a boy, love you Rizqi and the artwork btw Agnes Aunty painted almost the same kind of panda with her baby hihih show u later boys...

    For proud mommy, Happy Mother's day...agree with the article too.

    For the resoles snack, looks so yummy, thinking to introduce it to my in-laws in the coming holiday ;)

  2. Mmm...that dinner looks marvelous, and those cards are adorable!!

  3. Thank you Agnes..:) can;t wait to see your panda:D


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