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DIY Quilting Rulers and a runner

I made my own DIY quilter's ruler. All these time whenever I want to do some patchwork projects I  measure the fabric manually, mark it, draw the line  and cut it. It takes such a long time which sometimes discourage me. I've been searching for one here in my town and asking my friends who lived in the bigger city but couldn't find it. So I tried many methods like using a card board but the problem is you can't see through it and sometimes it's end up all wonky :P.

So, I made my own from a thick transparent plastic cover from my old diary.

I carefully measure it 5" x 5" and cut it. Then I mark the grid 1/2" apart and voila my quilting ruler is ready.

Though I' m still using the pencil & scissor but at least it makes my work faster LOL. I know I could buy the rotary cutter from the net, but again I'm not sure whether it's allowed or not by the India Post. And searching though Ebay India is also NIL...:S.

And here's what I made :


I used South Indian handwoven cotton. I love the south Indian cotton cos it has bright & deep colors. I collected quite few pieces and been wanting to do something with it. It's a simple one with no batting (which is another problem for me cos I don't find any retailer...considering Indian quilt is so popular). I used a thicker handwoven fabric for the backing. It has stripes with mix color thread which suit the top.

And now I'm working on a pinwheel design. I think it's going to be another runner maybe I'll use flannel for the batting. What say, ladies?


  1. I love your patchwork ruler that you made yourself, I think I may make one too! and your quilt is so beautiful.

  2. You have made a lovely project.
    I wish i could make one or some for myself oneday.. and thanks a bunch for sharing the tuto..

    Happy Crafting dear!

  3. Thank you so much. Have been looking for a ruler myself for so long..will do this today

  4. your quilts are lovely and thanks for DIY quilting ruler. i was searching for one when I came upon your note.
    You can try the car accessories shop where they sell seating rexines and stuffing for the seats etc. I found cotton wadding as well as the recon fibre batting in such a shop.


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