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Tutorial: Fabric Covered Brooch make over

I love fabric covered button/brooches. It makes a pretty embellishment to anything I make, such as bags, pouches, dresses, etc. Too bad I could not find a button kit here in my town. Usually I bought them when I go back to my hometown, which is in Indonesia.

I remembered I used to 'make over' my metal brooches with what ever cover fancy me back when I was in high school. So, the other day I bought these Hannah Montana brooches and start working on it. Here's what I do:

1. All you need is: Ready made brooches, needle & thread, fabric and a mini screw driver (the flat one - what's it called?)

2. Carefully pick out the back of the brooches with the screw driver. It may dent a bit but you can easily put it back again. Take out the original paper cover.

3. Cut the fabric according to the diameter of the brooch and add a few millimeters for seam.

4. Hand stitch the edge of the fabric just like when you're making a Yo Yo, and put the top metal brooch inside the fabric. Pull the thread until the fabric is nicely covered. Secure the thread.

5. Put the back part of the brooch and gently push it in.

6. Voila! Your fabric covered brooch is ready.

This is so much fun. Cos when you're bored with one, you can always change it and your option is endless.

Happy Crafting ^_^
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