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When in Rome, do as Romans do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...that's how the saying goes. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to some people. My sister recently went to Melbourne for some work. The 1st few days she was so excited about it. After 2 weeks, she told me she missed Jakarta already. I asked her why? She said all is nice here, but somehow I feel I don't belong here. She feels comfortable in her own territory. Among  4 of us (my sisters n my self), I guess I'm the only one who dare to venture out further. Maybe I got it from my father. He always dared us, whether it was as simple as riding a bicycle or to let me go and work faraway from home and eventually married and settled in India.

My MIL, used to tell people that I'm courageous. Well, maybe I am. Grew up in a nuclear family and working in big cities, I finally chose to settle and live with joint family in this nook (if I can say so) of India which even some Indians don't even realize that it is part of India..pun intended :d. I

If you asked me how do I manage? I don't know..but I guess God has sent me here on a mission which I'm yet to discover. Well, life after all is a never ending adventures and discoveries.

Just a rambling thought...

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