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Unleash the artist in them

Both my self & DH never stop the boys from scribbling on the wall. Well, in the beginning we tried to, but ultimately it’s become unstoppable, if I may say..:)

Their grandmother even bought them a blackboard but they seem happier to scribble on the wall. We don’t have a clean wall in the house now..:D.

One day, the younger one dragged me and showed me “mama, look this is A, R, E” . I asked who wrote it, he said “I did”. Well, here I thought he didn’t know his ABC :D. Well, the wall has become a practice board now.

The big one is into drawing and painting. He can spend the whole afternoon drawing and coloring and painting. I always run out of coloring book. Some of  them I preserve. He likes to tell stories while drawing to his little brother.


And since both of them are mad about Ben 10 (Alien Force),


the big one even draw one Alien and told me that I have to make him this kind of T-shirt


happy wednesday ^_^


  1. heheheheh...hope they really will appreciate a clean wall and do their ABC and art expression on drawing book or maybe even on a canvas soon...Your older one is very talented in drawing, he'll be an artist someday...who knows?


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