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Take everyday as it comes

Sometimes, before retiring at nihgt my head is full of plan for the next day. I will finish this project, will try this recipe, will clean the cupboard, etc. But very often the morning brings surprises. One of the boys suddenly has fever and cough or the other one fussy about breakfast and literally we have to drag him out of the house so he won't miss the school bus. The younger one will run around and refuse to take his bath cos he hates his current school. The electricity come and go, and sometimes it's not there for the most part of the day which mean, no recipe trial, no sewing, and no internet.

So, nowadays, I stopped making plans. I will take everyday as it comes. Even sundays, which usually my crafting time since DH will look after the kids.

Last night I managed to finish the elephant. I took the design from one of ondori book. I guess orange polkadot fabric will make a cute combination. I seem to work with lots of orange these past few days...:D
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  1. The elephants are adorable!

    It's hard not to think in fast forward...thinking about the next thing, and the next, and the next, but you are right, you have to take it all as it comes or you end up running yourself ragged.

  2. they are so cute...mommy and the kiddos...are they you, Rizky and Raihan? well done Sista :)

  3. I love those little elephants!

  4. @Alygatr: yeah with the end-term holidays I ended up busy to keep the boys busy but managed to steal few hours at night to sew.

    @Agnes: thanks, sis..

    @Dawn N: Thank you..:)


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