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So many things have happened

Yes, for the last 2 weeks or so, lots of things happening. Nothing dramatic though. It’s just the weather is getting so weird and we still not getting any rain. It’s very dry and now summer seems to come a tad early.
First the kids had cough and cold and fever. And the I got it too..and how I hated it:D.  After a dose of antibiotic finally the cough gone. And then the kids are having end-term holidays for 3 weeks, which mean, less crafting time but it’s nice time to bond with them. I know I’m going to miss them once the school starts next month.

Second one, my younger son had his circumcision done. And as much as I tried to make him sit still was never successful. He’s such an active and restless boy. Finally after 4 days and lots of time of changing the dressing, the doctor gave up and let him without the bandage. And he was quite happy. Day 5th I let him play outside for awhile and he pleaded to let him ride his bicycle..:D. I told him gently that if he waits for few  more days he will be able to ride his bike with no problem, otherwise again I will have to take him to the hospital in case something happened.
Third one, my internet connection was bad for the last 4-5 day :(

BUT, there are lots of FUN things happened too….
#1: I WON the giveaway hosted by Eva in her BLOG. And she’s such a generous soul. With her beautiful pendant she sent me a whole bag of cute stuff..earrings, pendant, turtle beads, etc. Just take  a look at these:

#2: I joined SWAPBOT last month and been enjoying the experience of receiving snail mail. I used to love sending letters and I had few pen pals. It was nice…the post man was the only one I was waiting after school, in case he brought letters for me. But with this internet era, I guess sending just a letter seems unthinkable..why sending letters when there’s email..:)

I was participated in the COIN PURSE SWAP and sending my handmade coin purse to 2 girls in Australian and the Netherlands. And then there was Big fat Envelope #1 where I made one applique tote bag. The #2 Big Fat Envelope swap is going on now if you’d like to join. I joined Fabric Square Swap too..I’m still waiting for my 2  swap fabric to arrive though.

I have received:

I have sent these with little knick knacks too (not in the photo):

I recently sent Spring Embroidery Swap. I made this cute embroidery and I really hope my partner will like it…:)

oh one more thing I finished the Elephant Pouch, here it is:

I guess that’s all ….tomorrow I’ll be off to the capital for my passport renewal and a little vacation with the family…until then…HAPPY CRAFTING ^_^

When in Rome, do as Romans do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...that's how the saying goes. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to some people. My sister recently went to Melbourne for some work. The 1st few days she was so excited about it. After 2 weeks, she told me she missed Jakarta already. I asked her why? She said all is nice here, but somehow I feel I don't belong here. She feels comfortable in her own territory. Among  4 of us (my sisters n my self), I guess I'm the only one who dare to venture out further. Maybe I got it from my father. He always dared us, whether it was as simple as riding a bicycle or to let me go and work faraway from home and eventually married and settled in India.

My MIL, used to tell people that I'm courageous. Well, maybe I am. Grew up in a nuclear family and working in big cities, I finally chose to settle and live with joint family in this nook (if I can say so) of India which even some Indians don't even realize that it is part of India..pun intended :d. I

If you asked me how do I manage? I don't know..but I guess God has sent me here on a mission which I'm yet to discover. Well, life after all is a never ending adventures and discoveries.

Just a rambling thought...

Red Jumper

Last winter I bought this lovely red and black checked cotswool fabric and I made this red jumper from vintage pattern McCalls 2070

jumper pattern

and here’s what I made…I just could not capture the right color though. It’s supposed to be darkish bright red and black. I made little adjustment in the shoulder length and I put slit on the sides.

red jumper-2 Red Jumper red jumper-1

I guess I can make a summer dress with this pattern…hmm….

Unleash the artist in them

Both my self & DH never stop the boys from scribbling on the wall. Well, in the beginning we tried to, but ultimately it’s become unstoppable, if I may say..:)

Their grandmother even bought them a blackboard but they seem happier to scribble on the wall. We don’t have a clean wall in the house now..:D.

One day, the younger one dragged me and showed me “mama, look this is A, R, E” . I asked who wrote it, he said “I did”. Well, here I thought he didn’t know his ABC :D. Well, the wall has become a practice board now.

The big one is into drawing and painting. He can spend the whole afternoon drawing and coloring and painting. I always run out of coloring book. Some of  them I preserve. He likes to tell stories while drawing to his little brother.


And since both of them are mad about Ben 10 (Alien Force),


the big one even draw one Alien and told me that I have to make him this kind of T-shirt


happy wednesday ^_^

Take everyday as it comes

Sometimes, before retiring at nihgt my head is full of plan for the next day. I will finish this project, will try this recipe, will clean the cupboard, etc. But very often the morning brings surprises. One of the boys suddenly has fever and cough or the other one fussy about breakfast and literally we have to drag him out of the house so he won't miss the school bus. The younger one will run around and refuse to take his bath cos he hates his current school. The electricity come and go, and sometimes it's not there for the most part of the day which mean, no recipe trial, no sewing, and no internet.

So, nowadays, I stopped making plans. I will take everyday as it comes. Even sundays, which usually my crafting time since DH will look after the kids.

Last night I managed to finish the elephant. I took the design from one of ondori book. I guess orange polkadot fabric will make a cute combination. I seem to work with lots of orange these past few days...:D
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