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Why do you Blog?

One friend of mine asked me "Why do I blog"...yes why? When I started this 3 years back, it was just a curiosity. Blog was the in thing back then. Internet has always been my daily activity, whether it's just for playing games, reading articles or just chatting with friends.

Then I found out about Crafters. I was so excited since I love to be creative my self, be it simple sewing or even glass painting. I visited crafters almost everyday, from here I come across lots of crafty blogs which in the end lead me to have my own blog, here in Blogger. Then it led me from one to another and I stumbled upon Etsy. Believe me, I was so guffawed when I found about Etsy. It's always been my dream to have an online business of my own? Why? cos I can sell (and buy) things without having to leave my children.

So, now why do I blog?
1. To connect with the same minded creative people around the world.

2. To share with others - I hope by showing handmade tuff, I can inspire other people :D. Beside that I love Swapping, whether it's personal swap or through swap bot (I recently join). I love all handmade stuff. For me, when it's handmade, it's special.

3. To learn from others - I'm very grateful for people who shared their tutorial in heir blog. I can not mention all of them, but you can find most of them in my blog roll. I never made a bag in my life, and because reading all those tutorial, now I can easily make simple bags/totes/pouches. Isn't that great?

What about Advertisement? well, certainly blog is a good medium to advertise what you sell, but in the end of the day, when someone leave a nice and encouraging comments you feel most happiest person in the world, aren't you? Well, I am ^_^

What about you? Why do you blog? ^_^


  1. you're right...will be more diligent to do smurf my blogspot...thanks for the good example masterji :D

  2. Phiphi!!! Where are you? You won my contest! Please check out my BLOG!

    XXX Eva (TR!LO)

  3. Hrm...why do I blog. To show off! LOL My "family" blog is to brag on my kids, and talk about raising them bi-cultural. My food blog is to share recipes with my sister, across the country, and have a central place to send friends when they ask for the recipe for something I made. My craft to find other crafters, and talk shop. *grin*

  4. @Agnes: I told you blogging can be addictive..:D

    @Aunt Lolo:'re right. I 'forgot' to mention the show off thing:) But I do love your 'a thing a day, and marvel how you can finish that pretty quilt in 5 days (I regularly read my blogroll from my mobile which not (yet) have comment features:S ).


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