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A slightly wonky journal cover

I've seen Ros of Bloom and blossom's Tutorial about journal cover the other day, so I decided to make one today. I have this journal from one of my DH's usual, it has a rather unattractive cover. I've been meaning to make one for along time until I found such a great & clear tutorial. Then why wonky? The journal original cover was made of card board. I should have  anticipated that cardboard is thicker and stiffer. So just to fit it into the cover, I had to cut the side of the original cover a bit..LOL

I used Cotton Khadi (it has a linen finish look...I love it) for the plain one and pure cotton for the orange one.

a bit wonky :-S

and at the back I put my own handmade fabric label. I have the Tutorial HERE.


I went through Bloom's Tutorial again and I guess I should not stitch the edge. So again I made for my bigger journal which has spiral binding and here's the result:

Fabric: Red Casement
Decoration: Assamese Traditional Saree Ribbon



With polkadots inside ;)

Thanks for stopping by..happy crafting

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  1. Bagusnya mbak...pengen bisa juga.makasih buat tutorialnya

  2. Thanks Dheeny, let us know when you make one :)

  3. Love them all...and I have the same Matrix journal book =)) & I like it's cover already and it's too cool to be covered again...Umm maybe the one with Abhishek's face should be defaced with a cute cover like yours ;)


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