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More Birthday Gift

One of my dear friend sent me these pretty things for my Birthday. Again she's someone whom I met online in my other blog. When it comes to paper craft, Dian is very talented and her ideas are original. She lives in West Haven right now with her husband and 3 children. This time she sent me her handmade card, which is very pretty and I simply love it. I love Red and she sent me the red flower card with ribbon. She wrote her message in France (we both love Paris). You should really visit her blog to see her creation, from card, origami to diorama for he son, which is fabulous.

We swap several time in the past. Since she knows I love sewing and fabric, she sent me these beautiful fat quarter *squeel*. I love love love them..thanks a ton, Dian

As if those are not enough, she so generously sent me other stuff too. #1 Stickers, stencil & cute usual the erasers not in the pic, cos the boys already snatched them away ^_^. And the stencils are really cute. I was thinking of making tote bag with one of the design ;). #2. Ribbons and sewing knickknack. She sent along the mini doll kit, yup that one in the middle :D I just couldn't wait to make it. So, after lunch today I spent a good 1 hour to assemble that cutie pie. 1 hour? your heard me..:D This is because I don't have glue gun or other glue suitable for the project. Tried using the fabric glue but it won't stick, so I just hand stitched everything and somehow managed to finish it without any mishap:D. Isn't she cute?

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  1. Do you know that I gave three reactions for the abundance of gifts you got from mbak Dian...she's such a thoughtful friend, so lucky you have one :) that knows what you love and need ;)


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