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A make a month in 2010

I stumbled upon this blog today. It's a great idea, I mean just like Helen, I too like to stack fabrics, trims, button and sewing-what-nots. I also stacked lots of magazines from embroidery, sewing, beads craft, crochet, knitting etc. Until one day my DH asked what I'm going to do with all those stuff :D

That was the moment when I decided to have an online supply shop, not so much for the money but mainly to share what I love most with crafty people around the world, eventhoough inside of me I hate to sell them hahahaha...

I mean, with 2 small children I won't be able as productive as I would like to be, but sometimes when I browse the market and see beautiful fabric or trims, ideas just popped into my head which in the end of course those beauties will remain in my trunk (trunk? yeah you got it right..trunk:D).

Anyway, this make a month thing will surely challenge me to start making things will all those stacks. And if you are like me come and join their Flickr Group too and let's have fun together.

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  1. What an awesome and simple idea! I'm a wicked hoarder. I've flat out been banned from buying anything new until I start whittling down my stash... unless someone custom orders and asks for a certain print.


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