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I'm moving the Shop and having a Sale

I've been thinking about this for sometimes now. I want to sort of streamlining my shop. When I signed up with Etsy some 2 years back, I was using (abbreviation of) my name. Then much later when I decided to start selling, I'm using the same account for the Shop which later on it become a little bit confusion.

So for that reason, from next month I will be selling from the new shop, Chez Vies in Etsy.

The moving will take sometimes because I want to do it right this time. I have several new stuff made and ready for listing while I'm giving a SALE on the current listing in the Old Shop. Do come and visit my shop and hopefully you will like one thing or two there ;).

Selling on Etsy has been a great experience for me, from how to get the right photo to how to deal with after sales service, which include one item reported lost and I have to refund all the money.

My weakness is in photography. I never could get the right angle or lighting. But I guess I'm improved a bit now. The Etsy community's Forum is really a great, it's where I learn most of the things about running an online shop. I also like the Storque, oh yes...once the kids go to school and I'm not in the mood of doing anything and just want to relax while catching up with my friends on Facebook, I'm making round reading the storque articles. It really lift up my spirit:)

I guess that's all. I get to go cos my son already begging me to let him play games in the computer since it's Friday. Yup, games only on Friday & Saturday night...

See you around & have a great crafty weekends
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  1. Good luck for the moving and ... have a prosperous business ahead darling ...


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