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Handmade Label - Tutorial *EDITED*

I have been wanted to have my label made but I could not find any shop here in my town. I tried once using interface fabric and print it out but I guess it won't last.

The other day I suddenly thought about this handmade label. The photos may not be sufficient enough, but I will try to update it later.


1. Fabric pen
2. Gingham fabric tape (or any fabric scrap will do)
3. Plain fabric (prewashed and well ironed)
4. Button
5. Contrast color thread

How To:

1. Cut the plain fabric & the gingham according to your desired length/width
2. Fold the plain fabric on all side and place it exactly in the middle of the gingham

3. Pin in place and stitch a running stitch all over or you can sew it (I think it will be easier to machine stitch:D )

4. Write your (brand) name on the plain fabric carefully

5. Attach the button and voila, your handmade label is ready

You can even make the label to match your handmade stuff (bags, clothes, etc) by using the scrap of the same fabric as the base and can add button as a spare button (if your handmade has one)
I put one on my journal cover :D

What do you think? Do let me know if you make one too...:)

happy crafting
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  1. hihihih I love the tute ... but do you know how to convert them into a soft-copy label one? wakakakaka kidding Sista

  2. Just dropped in an wanted to say I love your tute. I need to try this out for myself!

  3. @cmboyd_1999: thank let me know if you make one. I'd love to see it :)

  4. I love this idea, I had woven name tapes made up (like I have for the kids school uniform) with my web address to put in my sewn items, but I almost prefer yours! They look cute and personal.

  5. I love it!! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. I linked to your tut in my blog. :)

    Eleonora from Sweden

  6. Wow! your tutorial very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. I will link to your tutorial, once i've done.
    Ida - malaysia

  7. Wow!! This is super!
    Aku slalu pengen punya label merk sendiri, tp kok mahal ya ongkos bikinnya :( nah, thx to this tutorial, skrg tinggal cari dimana bs beli fabric pen ;) di Gramedia ada gak ya.....?

    Salam kenal dr surabaya! (^_^)

  8. Super tutorial. My grandmother name is buttons. I label all things made for my grand children Make by Buttons.
    This would be a super cute addition. Is it washable, meaning kids clothes are washed a lot!?

  9. Simple, yet so cute! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Mbak kalo mau beli fabric pen dimana ya biasanya? di toko buku apa toko kain/peralatan jahit? thanks mbk


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