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For The Boys : Ben 10 T-shirt & Pj pants

I read this nice blog at Vegbee's. So I remember I made these recently for the boys.

My elder one recently wanted to wear Ben 10 t-shirts...not the one with the one with the Ben 10 character on it like the one available in the market. He even drew the shirt for me (not that I'm already aware what he wanted ;)). Then I came across this Blog but she used fabric paint. So instead of using fabric paint, I bought white t-shirt & black bias tape and voila..the Ben 10 t-shirt. Well, since it's difficult to cover the neck hole with the bias tape, I did the second best, put the black tape under the collar part. He's very happy with the result and wearing it everyday...literally. I guess I will make another one for him..:).

I know, the middle black stripe should be a little broader, but I was kind of in a hurry what with him waiting impatiently next to me...:)

This one for the lil brother. He loved the blue fabric. He saw it one day and told me, "mama make me pj from this one". I thought he didn't mean it until 2 days later he asked me again whether I have made it. So quickly I did it and I did a little patchwork too. And he's simply love them (thanks God)..:)

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  1. I think your Ben 10 shirt came out great. I like the idea of bias tape.


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