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Birthday & Best Girlfriends

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. -- Cindy Lew

Today I received these from my dear friends...whom both of them I met online. One I have met very briefly and the other one I haven't met. But we (the 3 of us) regularly talk on the phone and YM. And early this month being my birthday, both of them send me a present....the pink Indian kurta/tunic with a matching churidar (Indian slim fit pants)..which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE and fit me perfectly. The color is so pretty and one of my fave and the chudi of course it fits me. I love anything Indian..though I realize that only after I married Mr. R ha ha..Thank you're the best. And yes it's 34...not 32 anymore =))

And of course the Handmade part:

# 1. the Ben 10 doll which my sons adore so much and luckily when the parcel arrived the younger one was fast asleep, otherwise they will fight over it...I know there are 2, but still they never satisfied without being argumentative about it..LOL.

inni minni mainamo...

I'll take this one

#2. The sarubobo pin cushion. I must say here that Agnes is very good in making all these..plush doll, et al. You should see her dragon to believe it and I literally trying to convince her to start selling online. I really hope she will do very soon. look at the saruboo, isn't it cute?

#3. The Birthday's very pretty...simple but it sort of represent the 3 of us..(ok, there are 4 flowers there..*kidding*).
What I mean is, the 3 of us - Wulan, Agnes and my self - always trying to be creative in spite of all our limitation i.e time. Sewing & craft is what bound us together. We share links of tute, sharing ideas what can be made, how to make them, which fabric, how to deal with the post office people or even how to haggling with the fabricwalla (shop owner) in India..:) . Mind you, both of them never know how to sew until few months back.

Girls, I hope our friendship will last forever no matter where you're always have special place in my heart...I love you both, dearly...^_^..

Ok, now let's do 'brainstorming" part again...
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  1. They are all such lovely gifts! Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. How cool that you found these friends on the net! I also made a friend: Kathleen Dalseno ( learn a lot from each other, well I learn most from her...

    And now, via Swapbot, we 'll have many more friends!
    I think it 's nice to have friends online. It 's like a world you can run to whenever you have to get away from your kids or hubby, lol.

    Anyway, have a very happy birthday with lots of presents!!!

    See you soon, XXXEva (TR!LO)

  3. @the Quilt Buddy: thanks a lot :)

    @Tr!lo: wow that's nice. My friend, Agnes, she also joined the Blog follower on swap bot. I joined other swaps with swap bot too..what's your Id? mine is virsaq. It's such a great fun there and now I'm addicted to swap :D

  4. Thanks that you're happy with the gifts from Mumbai, Sista, especialy the tunic and churidar, happy that you love them and they're fit to you. And thanks a bunch for the sweet words about my handmade, heheheh you just made my head bigger some inches, always take them as compliments :) Thanks for being my friend too


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