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Little Girl Tote

I made these last week. I love the color combination a lot. I added pompom lace (you can get it here) there too and of course the yo yos simply make it brighter. I add a little detachable pouchette.

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  1. How very beautiful!!! Very well made!!

    I wonder how you got by this cool thing that people can give a reaction whether they find it funny, cool or interesting? I 've tried ti find it among the gadgets, but couldn 't find it!

    Love yur blog and followed you!

    Eva (TR!LO)

  2. To get those reactions, go to EDIT LAYOUT, the on the BLOG box, click EDIT and there you go all the options you'd like for your blog:).

  3. Hi dear,

    thanks for your lovely comment. Tell me more about your children! Names, age, etc?

    Nice to know you!

    xxx Eva

  4. That is just adorable! The color combo is so fun. I really love it.


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