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A slightly wonky journal cover

I've seen Ros of Bloom and blossom's Tutorial about journal cover the other day, so I decided to make one today. I have this journal from one of my DH's usual, it has a rather unattractive cover. I've been meaning to make one for along time until I found such a great & clear tutorial. Then why wonky? The journal original cover was made of card board. I should have  anticipated that cardboard is thicker and stiffer. So just to fit it into the cover, I had to cut the side of the original cover a bit..LOL

I used Cotton Khadi (it has a linen finish look...I love it) for the plain one and pure cotton for the orange one.

a bit wonky :-S

and at the back I put my own handmade fabric label. I have the Tutorial HERE.


I went through Bloom's Tutorial again and I guess I should not stitch the edge. So again I made for my bigger journal which has spiral binding and here's the result:

Fabric: Red Casement
Decoration: Assamese Traditional Saree Ribbon



With polkadots inside ;)

Thanks for stopping by..happy crafting

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Handmade Label - Tutorial *EDITED*

I have been wanted to have my label made but I could not find any shop here in my town. I tried once using interface fabric and print it out but I guess it won't last.

The other day I suddenly thought about this handmade label. The photos may not be sufficient enough, but I will try to update it later.


1. Fabric pen
2. Gingham fabric tape (or any fabric scrap will do)
3. Plain fabric (prewashed and well ironed)
4. Button
5. Contrast color thread

How To:

1. Cut the plain fabric & the gingham according to your desired length/width
2. Fold the plain fabric on all side and place it exactly in the middle of the gingham

3. Pin in place and stitch a running stitch all over or you can sew it (I think it will be easier to machine stitch:D )

4. Write your (brand) name on the plain fabric carefully

5. Attach the button and voila, your handmade label is ready

You can even make the label to match your handmade stuff (bags, clothes, etc) by using the scrap of the same fabric as the base and can add button as a spare button (if your handmade has one)
I put one on my journal cover :D

What do you think? Do let me know if you make one too...:)

happy crafting
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Why do you Blog?

One friend of mine asked me "Why do I blog"...yes why? When I started this 3 years back, it was just a curiosity. Blog was the in thing back then. Internet has always been my daily activity, whether it's just for playing games, reading articles or just chatting with friends.

Then I found out about Crafters. I was so excited since I love to be creative my self, be it simple sewing or even glass painting. I visited crafters almost everyday, from here I come across lots of crafty blogs which in the end lead me to have my own blog, here in Blogger. Then it led me from one to another and I stumbled upon Etsy. Believe me, I was so guffawed when I found about Etsy. It's always been my dream to have an online business of my own? Why? cos I can sell (and buy) things without having to leave my children.

So, now why do I blog?
1. To connect with the same minded creative people around the world.

2. To share with others - I hope by showing handmade tuff, I can inspire other people :D. Beside that I love Swapping, whether it's personal swap or through swap bot (I recently join). I love all handmade stuff. For me, when it's handmade, it's special.

3. To learn from others - I'm very grateful for people who shared their tutorial in heir blog. I can not mention all of them, but you can find most of them in my blog roll. I never made a bag in my life, and because reading all those tutorial, now I can easily make simple bags/totes/pouches. Isn't that great?

What about Advertisement? well, certainly blog is a good medium to advertise what you sell, but in the end of the day, when someone leave a nice and encouraging comments you feel most happiest person in the world, aren't you? Well, I am ^_^

What about you? Why do you blog? ^_^

More Birthday Gift

One of my dear friend sent me these pretty things for my Birthday. Again she's someone whom I met online in my other blog. When it comes to paper craft, Dian is very talented and her ideas are original. She lives in West Haven right now with her husband and 3 children. This time she sent me her handmade card, which is very pretty and I simply love it. I love Red and she sent me the red flower card with ribbon. She wrote her message in France (we both love Paris). You should really visit her blog to see her creation, from card, origami to diorama for he son, which is fabulous.

We swap several time in the past. Since she knows I love sewing and fabric, she sent me these beautiful fat quarter *squeel*. I love love love them..thanks a ton, Dian

As if those are not enough, she so generously sent me other stuff too. #1 Stickers, stencil & cute usual the erasers not in the pic, cos the boys already snatched them away ^_^. And the stencils are really cute. I was thinking of making tote bag with one of the design ;). #2. Ribbons and sewing knickknack. She sent along the mini doll kit, yup that one in the middle :D I just couldn't wait to make it. So, after lunch today I spent a good 1 hour to assemble that cutie pie. 1 hour? your heard me..:D This is because I don't have glue gun or other glue suitable for the project. Tried using the fabric glue but it won't stick, so I just hand stitched everything and somehow managed to finish it without any mishap:D. Isn't she cute?

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I'm moving the Shop and having a Sale

I've been thinking about this for sometimes now. I want to sort of streamlining my shop. When I signed up with Etsy some 2 years back, I was using (abbreviation of) my name. Then much later when I decided to start selling, I'm using the same account for the Shop which later on it become a little bit confusion.

So for that reason, from next month I will be selling from the new shop, Chez Vies in Etsy.

The moving will take sometimes because I want to do it right this time. I have several new stuff made and ready for listing while I'm giving a SALE on the current listing in the Old Shop. Do come and visit my shop and hopefully you will like one thing or two there ;).

Selling on Etsy has been a great experience for me, from how to get the right photo to how to deal with after sales service, which include one item reported lost and I have to refund all the money.

My weakness is in photography. I never could get the right angle or lighting. But I guess I'm improved a bit now. The Etsy community's Forum is really a great, it's where I learn most of the things about running an online shop. I also like the Storque, oh yes...once the kids go to school and I'm not in the mood of doing anything and just want to relax while catching up with my friends on Facebook, I'm making round reading the storque articles. It really lift up my spirit:)

I guess that's all. I get to go cos my son already begging me to let him play games in the computer since it's Friday. Yup, games only on Friday & Saturday night...

See you around & have a great crafty weekends
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Birthday & Best Girlfriends

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. -- Cindy Lew

Today I received these from my dear friends...whom both of them I met online. One I have met very briefly and the other one I haven't met. But we (the 3 of us) regularly talk on the phone and YM. And early this month being my birthday, both of them send me a present....the pink Indian kurta/tunic with a matching churidar (Indian slim fit pants)..which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE and fit me perfectly. The color is so pretty and one of my fave and the chudi of course it fits me. I love anything Indian..though I realize that only after I married Mr. R ha ha..Thank you're the best. And yes it's 34...not 32 anymore =))

And of course the Handmade part:

# 1. the Ben 10 doll which my sons adore so much and luckily when the parcel arrived the younger one was fast asleep, otherwise they will fight over it...I know there are 2, but still they never satisfied without being argumentative about it..LOL.

inni minni mainamo...

I'll take this one

#2. The sarubobo pin cushion. I must say here that Agnes is very good in making all these..plush doll, et al. You should see her dragon to believe it and I literally trying to convince her to start selling online. I really hope she will do very soon. look at the saruboo, isn't it cute?

#3. The Birthday's very pretty...simple but it sort of represent the 3 of us..(ok, there are 4 flowers there..*kidding*).
What I mean is, the 3 of us - Wulan, Agnes and my self - always trying to be creative in spite of all our limitation i.e time. Sewing & craft is what bound us together. We share links of tute, sharing ideas what can be made, how to make them, which fabric, how to deal with the post office people or even how to haggling with the fabricwalla (shop owner) in India..:) . Mind you, both of them never know how to sew until few months back.

Girls, I hope our friendship will last forever no matter where you're always have special place in my heart...I love you both, dearly...^_^..

Ok, now let's do 'brainstorming" part again...
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For The Boys : Ben 10 T-shirt & Pj pants

I read this nice blog at Vegbee's. So I remember I made these recently for the boys.

My elder one recently wanted to wear Ben 10 t-shirts...not the one with the one with the Ben 10 character on it like the one available in the market. He even drew the shirt for me (not that I'm already aware what he wanted ;)). Then I came across this Blog but she used fabric paint. So instead of using fabric paint, I bought white t-shirt & black bias tape and voila..the Ben 10 t-shirt. Well, since it's difficult to cover the neck hole with the bias tape, I did the second best, put the black tape under the collar part. He's very happy with the result and wearing it everyday...literally. I guess I will make another one for him..:).

I know, the middle black stripe should be a little broader, but I was kind of in a hurry what with him waiting impatiently next to me...:)

This one for the lil brother. He loved the blue fabric. He saw it one day and told me, "mama make me pj from this one". I thought he didn't mean it until 2 days later he asked me again whether I have made it. So quickly I did it and I did a little patchwork too. And he's simply love them (thanks God)..:)

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A make a month in 2010

I stumbled upon this blog today. It's a great idea, I mean just like Helen, I too like to stack fabrics, trims, button and sewing-what-nots. I also stacked lots of magazines from embroidery, sewing, beads craft, crochet, knitting etc. Until one day my DH asked what I'm going to do with all those stuff :D

That was the moment when I decided to have an online supply shop, not so much for the money but mainly to share what I love most with crafty people around the world, eventhoough inside of me I hate to sell them hahahaha...

I mean, with 2 small children I won't be able as productive as I would like to be, but sometimes when I browse the market and see beautiful fabric or trims, ideas just popped into my head which in the end of course those beauties will remain in my trunk (trunk? yeah you got it right..trunk:D).

Anyway, this make a month thing will surely challenge me to start making things will all those stacks. And if you are like me come and join their Flickr Group too and let's have fun together.

Little Girl Tote

I made these last week. I love the color combination a lot. I added pompom lace (you can get it here) there too and of course the yo yos simply make it brighter. I add a little detachable pouchette.

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Yeehaw - it's patchwork bag

The last few months me and my friends, we're having such fun playing Farmville in facebook. At one time, we were like competing in hatching eggs...and it was lots of fun. Since for her birthday I decided to make this patchwork's chicken...yay...The patchwork template I got from Australia's Country Patchwork and craft.

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