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Today’s craft

Yesterday I cut few pieces of fabric to make zipper pouch. But only 2 are done today, plus 4 fabric coasters. My working time usually  not start until my younger son goes to school at about 10.30 am. After a nice hot cup of tea & few biscuits, I usually start doing what I set out to do that day. At times, I can get very lazy and one more thing, I avoid opening my laptop when I have sewing work to do..^_*. Since I roughly have 1 hour free everyday, before my elder one come from school followed by the younger one. By the time they settle down (napping or playing with his crayons), it’s already 3 pm. If they are agreeable, I can continue my sewing otherwise it has to wait for a couple of days.

So, today being one of those hectic day, only these stuff I finished. The bright pink stripe zip pouch is made of south Indian hand woven cotton – my favorite . Both the pouches are interfaced and lightly padded, so it’s safe for gadgets too.




Today I visited my friend’s blog who has finished her embroidery projects. She did bullion stitch on one of her shirt, which is very cute and she’s done a very nice embroidery.  She’s also done smocking which is very pretty. This remind me of my unfinished smocking projects. I have done the smocking embroidery, but I haven’t got around to sew the dress..I know it’s very bad habit *_*

Mbak Pingkan2 (2)

Mbak Pingkan1 (2) 

Good nite for now…~_~

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