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Patchwork Bag and more

Today I was cleaning my craft boxes where I keep my fabric etc. I don’t have craft room as yet, so everything is kept in boxes. I found one unfinished project. I did the mirror embroidery few months ago and I wanted to make a pouch out of it. The fabric is handwoven Indian cotton. I used one cheery yellow fabric left over from one yellow dress I made. And I’m happy with the result.


One more thing I started using is flannel. I have this flannel lying around, left over from the time when I used to make baby wrap for my younger son. It turns out quite a good substitute for batting. Since batting is not available here where I live, I usually used thin foam instead. But you know for certain projects foam is just out of the question. So I was experimenting with flannel, and it’s  very GREAT. I got the softness and sturdiness at the same time.
I used the flannel for the patchwork bag too. I use cotton khadi for the base, which is quite thick and sturdy. I add cute ribbon to give more accent…what do you think?


Yes, this is my second boxy pouch. I simply love making it. It’s perfect to hold your jewelry, watch, brooches, coins even your basic make up i.e compact powder & lipstick….yay to that!

Thanks for stopping by…^_^


  1. I gave you three reactions: funny, interesting and cool...nice boxies and pouch too...also I love the new look of the images, make it so interesting display...can I do the same Guru? *remember the tone, like kungfu movie*

  2. Haha...sure you can..I thought you how, didn't I?..:D


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