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Fabric Shopping

One of my favorite “time pass” is browsing the fabric bazaar (market). Most of the Indian market sells fabric as a set of 3, but some of them they sell “meter-wise” fabric. I have one regular shop here, the owner will inform me when the new stock will come and sometimes give  me a bit of discount on off-season days.

You see, India has lots of festivals. During those time, people will shop like till they drop. There will  be lots of variety of fabrics prints and design to choose from. You name it, you have it. Cotton, crepe, faux crepe, georgette, satin….it’s endless. I always go mad whenever I go to the shop…:).

24102009(001) 24102009(002)

These are the photos I took from my regular shop…:)…

And here are few lovely fabrics….



Thanks for looking ^_^