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Fabric Covered Button


I bought Fabric Button Kit few months back, and just got the chance to try it today. It’s quite fun to make, the only flaw is it was so hard to push the button shell & fabric into the punch..:D. But I’m very happy with the result though my thumb is still paining from punching the buttons…LOL



  1. Halo,
    baru ketemu blog ini lewat my travel around the world di Etsy.
    Bikin kancing buat gue jadi hobby sendiri sejak beli alatnya 4 bulan yang lalu. Salam dari Jerman!

  2. Hi Nauli..terima kasih sudah mampir ke blog saya.I love your blogs too. Nice stuff. Saya beli kitnya waktu ke Indonesia beberapa bulan yg lalu ..Salam dari India ^_^


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