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My Quickie PJ Pants

Today I went to the nearby market and found this cute flannel. It's bright red with teddy print on it. It's just too cute to pass. As it is I need one flannel PJ this winter:D.

While the kids are playing, I got down to work and new PJ..:D

I was using my own tutorial for this one..:)

I still need to make the top one though...and thinking tunic style will be the most confortable..:D

Just hoping I'll have a little bit time again next week...:D

Thanks for stopping by..& have a great crafty day ^^

Unfinished Project(s)

I started this cross stitch project few years back. It’s still lying in my “unfinished project box”..:D It was kind of ambitious project. I took it from one old embroidery book and it supposed to be 6 seater table cloth (wow..I know). The picture given in the book is so pretty that you want to start doing it immediately..LOL.

Maybe one fine day, I will continue doing it again, when I get more free time..:D


Meanwhile, today I statred doing embroidery on my scarf I bought few months back. Simple embroidery with bullion stitch flower and satin stitch. I’m using silk thread for this one. The kids are having winter break this embroidery project will be the perfect one  for unwinding, since I won’t be able to “touch” my sewing machine till they go back to school..:D.

26122009(006) 26122009(007)

Ouch..the photos are a bit blurred…they were taken using my mobile cam..

Have a great crafty weekends…^_^

The Secret Stitch Club

I stumbled upon this Blog. The Secret Stitch Club. They made lovely aprons and what I love most is their patchwork x-mas stocking…it’s really cute…go and check out the blog (if you’re not already).


This remind me of my 2 dear friends in Mumbai, India. Everyday, over the YM, we chat/discuss about what project to make, what blogs are nice to visit, etc. It’s really fun. And when we start doing the projects, we keep our YM open so that we can ask each other if we have some problem.

What I want to say is,because the internet now we can share our joy of sewing and hand crafting with our friends even though they are miles away from our place.

You can visit my friends blog HERE and HERE

happy crafting ^_^

PS: I don’t know how to insert web page photo to blog , so pardon me if the photo is not good…:-S

Today’s craft

Yesterday I cut few pieces of fabric to make zipper pouch. But only 2 are done today, plus 4 fabric coasters. My working time usually  not start until my younger son goes to school at about 10.30 am. After a nice hot cup of tea & few biscuits, I usually start doing what I set out to do that day. At times, I can get very lazy and one more thing, I avoid opening my laptop when I have sewing work to do..^_*. Since I roughly have 1 hour free everyday, before my elder one come from school followed by the younger one. By the time they settle down (napping or playing with his crayons), it’s already 3 pm. If they are agreeable, I can continue my sewing otherwise it has to wait for a couple of days.

So, today being one of those hectic day, only these stuff I finished. The bright pink stripe zip pouch is made of south Indian hand woven cotton – my favorite . Both the pouches are interfaced and lightly padded, so it’s safe for gadgets too.




Today I visited my friend’s blog who has finished her embroidery projects. She did bullion stitch on one of her shirt, which is very cute and she’s done a very nice embroidery.  She’s also done smocking which is very pretty. This remind me of my unfinished smocking projects. I have done the smocking embroidery, but I haven’t got around to sew the dress..I know it’s very bad habit *_*

Mbak Pingkan2 (2)

Mbak Pingkan1 (2) 

Good nite for now…~_~

Fabric Covered Button


I bought Fabric Button Kit few months back, and just got the chance to try it today. It’s quite fun to make, the only flaw is it was so hard to push the button shell & fabric into the punch..:D. But I’m very happy with the result though my thumb is still paining from punching the buttons…LOL


Gift Bag

I love making gift bags to send along with my sales at my Supply Shop. I usually make it with whatever remnant fabrics I have ^_^.

This one is made of white cotton fabric, I add a little ribbon rose there….I hope my customers are happy with this little gift from me..^_^

Gift Bag1 28102009(003)

Patchwork Bag and more

Today I was cleaning my craft boxes where I keep my fabric etc. I don’t have craft room as yet, so everything is kept in boxes. I found one unfinished project. I did the mirror embroidery few months ago and I wanted to make a pouch out of it. The fabric is handwoven Indian cotton. I used one cheery yellow fabric left over from one yellow dress I made. And I’m happy with the result.


One more thing I started using is flannel. I have this flannel lying around, left over from the time when I used to make baby wrap for my younger son. It turns out quite a good substitute for batting. Since batting is not available here where I live, I usually used thin foam instead. But you know for certain projects foam is just out of the question. So I was experimenting with flannel, and it’s  very GREAT. I got the softness and sturdiness at the same time.
I used the flannel for the patchwork bag too. I use cotton khadi for the base, which is quite thick and sturdy. I add cute ribbon to give more accent…what do you think?


Yes, this is my second boxy pouch. I simply love making it. It’s perfect to hold your jewelry, watch, brooches, coins even your basic make up i.e compact powder & lipstick….yay to that!

Thanks for stopping by…^_^

Pink Flowers Zip Pouches

Today I took out this pink flower fabric and a matching darkish pink (almost burgundy) south Indian cotton fabric. It makes a nice combination. The South Indian cotton fabric is quite sturdy to make pouches, coasters, etc. Plus it has a bright & deep colors.

ooh…and today finally I got a chance to try making boxy pouch. I follow tutorial from Project by Jane. She wrote a nice tutorial, easy to follow plus has lots of pics. I’m kind of visual reader, that’s why I love her tute so much…^_^ Thank you Jane for sharing it…:D

Now, it’s getting colder here..I’d better go off to sleep before my hot water bag turns cold..:))

Thanks for reading ^_^

Fabric Shopping

One of my favorite “time pass” is browsing the fabric bazaar (market). Most of the Indian market sells fabric as a set of 3, but some of them they sell “meter-wise” fabric. I have one regular shop here, the owner will inform me when the new stock will come and sometimes give  me a bit of discount on off-season days.

You see, India has lots of festivals. During those time, people will shop like till they drop. There will  be lots of variety of fabrics prints and design to choose from. You name it, you have it. Cotton, crepe, faux crepe, georgette, satin….it’s endless. I always go mad whenever I go to the shop…:).

24102009(001) 24102009(002)

These are the photos I took from my regular shop…:)…

And here are few lovely fabrics….



Thanks for looking ^_^

Winter Morning

winter morning This time the cold come a bit early…and for the last few days we’ve been having foggy morning, which sometimes won’t clear up till mid day. It’s particularly colder at our place since our house is not far from the mighty river of Brahmaputra.

This photo I took at 8 a.m from our top terrace…the fog is still very thick, but luckily today the sun came out for a while, so all my laundry is dry..^_^.

Grab bags and more

I’m still into bag and pouch making. I have a whole lot of fabric piles which need be made into something. Some of them is the remnants from my little frocks I made few months back ^_^. My friends even call me “pouch lady” since I made and gave lots of pouches in the past ^_^ and she said i should start selling them in the shop. Hey…it’s great idea…:D .

One of these bags I made for the SWAP that I hosted for my Indonesian friends in my Other Blog.


Thanks for reading….and have a nice crafty day ^_^

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