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Few Things for Friends

These are few things I have made very recently...still trying to get organized, which is something I always fail to do..:(. I do dresses till I get bored, then I switch to bags & coasters, and then embroidery...and sometimes making earrings, cell phone charms, etc...I guess I'm made that way...and whenever I clear up my workstation I just couldn't work...I sort of need my messy situation to be able to create something...hmmm...i don't know if any of you experienced the same thing..but believe me I tried to work neatly but it never idea will just desert me when my table is clean...
so, here are few...I don't know who will be the lucky one..but I intend to give this away since I'm going to Indonesia...^_*

pouchgrab bag3 coasters

pink coasters

Thanks for looking ^_^

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