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Thank You

It's only one week left for my Giveaway...I'm very excited my self..:) I know, I should advertise it abit. But right now I'm quite busy and it's nearing the festival season so there are lots of things to get done in advance.
Anyway, taking advice for you all, I'm trying out a new way of showing off my tunics. I'm taking it outdoor and with life model. I'm so nervous my self...but I always have to reshoot the photo over and over again, in the end I have lots of tunics waiting to be listed. I wish I could afford to hire a professional photographer :D

Anyway, I was hanging around in the Etsy community looking for clues..and found this great site about photography tips. Table Top Studio has almost everything from how to shoot jewelry to clothes.

So here are few of my trial and error. It's still a very very far from perfect, so....please please leave your comments..I'd really love to hear from you...

All these tunics some already there in the shop and I will add more soon.

Thank you very much for you who submitted your entries..wishing you all the best. Well, I really can get use to away my craft I mean. Since there are lots of festival to celebrate in India and in fact, the festivals season is just maybe - just maybe - I will have another giveaway soon...:D

Thanks for reading this....have a nice crafty day

~chez vies~


  1. Using a model makes the shirts look GREAT! Good job!

  2. Thanks..:) I still have lots to learn..

  3. wonderful!!! but I like the second most, the way you stand looks like a model u want to hire me?


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