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Indian Chai

Chai or Indian Milk Tea becomes my favorite. I love Chai esp. when added with cardamom & ginger. Here's my simple recipe I got from a friend.

1 cup of fresh milk
1 cup of water
sugar to taste
tea leaves (approx. 2 tsf)
ginger (crushed)


1. Mix the milk and water in a pan and leave it till boiling
2. Add tea leaves, sugar, cardamom & ginger
3. Lower the flame and leave it for few minutes till you get the desired colour. The colour should not be too light. If needed add another tea spoon full of tea leaves.

Now, put your feet up and let's enjoy our chai...^_^

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  1. Hi Loved the chai but I felt the cardamom gave it a very desserty taste. Loved the ginger flavour


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